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lp- Ode to Sublime

I feel the break, feel the break, feel the break and I’ve gotta live it up

Because life is to short to let my worries guide me

So yeah, I’ll take another drink.

Yeah, I’ll smoke another joint.

Who are you to tell me how to live my life?

What I really wanna say, is I’ve got mine.

And I’ll make it, I’m coming up.

I just wish people would focus more on their own problems and less on mine.

If they know what is good for them they best go run and hide

Because I’ll turn it right back around on them.

Believe that I’ve got something for his punk-ass.

Ain’t got no money to spend, I wish this night would never end.

Words given to me freely but not fully understood

Not until I learned what a party was.

A place where people go to escape from their lives.

Dancing, singing, drinking, smoking, laughing, spinning, drinking, reeling.

And if god’s good word goes unspoken the music goes all night

Because the bars are always open.

lp- Insignificant Information

Flows.  A cascading fountain of thought. Sometimes,

I don’t know how to say what I feel.

Life isn’t fair.

I want to go far away and never return.

People say things they don’t mean.

I want to punch somebody in the face.

Sorry doesn’t fix it.

I don’t know what I stand for.

You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.

I don’t fear death.

Things get taken for granted.

I feel like a rat trapped in a cage.

Bad things happen to good people.

Always, I try to stay positive.

Everyone has an opinion.

I care about my family.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everybody drops to zero.

I want to be the best I can be.

Two plus two equals four.

I think about the decision that always benefits myself and my family.

If you can’t swim you shouldn’t jump into the ocean.

I like to think about things that are highly unlikely.

The earth revolves around the sun.

I’m unwilling to give up.

Flame breeds heat.

If you touch it you get burned.

Showering you

with information, sometimes so insignificant

That it could go unnoticed.

And now I’m right back where I’m from.


lp- Searching/Waking Up

Vibrations echo in the halls of my mind

Mind vibrations echo in the halls

Failure to submit is truth that I find

Finding failure to truth and submission

The feelings of pleasure are like rope in a bind

Bind the feeling and rope the pleasure

The thoughts that we must filter will make you go blind

Blind the filter of thoughts that can make you

                The feelings of emptiness and a repressed flash of emotions

                Deciding to stay or run from these cold ancient notions

                But you know that to stay means pain and despair

                But you know that to run feels weak and leaves you bare

                And within that split second at a million miles an hour,

                Even though all your heart wants is to cower.

                Suddenly you find the despair is better than nothing

                And that inevitably the pain gives you power

We can’t decipher reflections from sight

Sight from reflections can’t decipher us

Realizing what you need to win the fight

Fighting to win the realization

A switch that gets pressed and turns on the light

Lights gets pressed when switches turn on

Sometimes I really believe that I’m right

Right that sometimes I really believe

Darkness imprisoning me in the night

Night imprisoning me in the dark

                And so when the smoke does finally clear

                You still have to wonder if it’s easier to run

                But in what you don’t know it’s easier to fear

                I would rather live in fear than know that they won

lp- The Shepherd

Sound takes flight like a flock of crows

Roaming around until it finds purpose

Like a hot knife it can pierce your heart

Forcing your mind down paths as the heart has a tendency to do

And like the crow, sound has the ability to scavenge

Not unlike the convict who does without regards

Picking up pieces of trash of the freeway

Placing it with other non-descript trash to give it a better purpose


I am the weak in the valley of darkness and sound is my shepherd

And taketh me to lie down in a forest built of freedom and rejection

Trees of blood, pain, beauty. I shall not want, or shall I?

Because, as much as my shepherd guides me, it is powerless to my will of where I want to go

The paradox of sound is that it goes exactly where it is sent, and yet

Leads me into the forest of my thoughts

And yet, I decide where its roots finally take hold

The only time im okay with being a sheep is when my shepherd is with me


The sounds I most like to her are those designed to promote freedom of will

Because, regardless of what people tell themselves to cope,

We live in a world of oppression

Those who have the power to disseminate propaganda do so with their agendas in mind, not mine

Perhaps music has driven me to this perspective

I just know that I’m not okay with walking in line with everybody else

I’m not okay with lulling myself into unconsciousness

Anit-establishment, because we don’t need this kind of structure

It shouldn’t be people living in mansions profiting

off of the policies that they can convince other rich people to vote for

sure, I have a voice

and yet people who speak out against the government are ostracized and looked down upon

branded as “radicals”

they sure do a good job of keeping everybody in check,

Not I


Sometimes, a gentle caress

Other times, a frightful pummel

Words transfer emotion

Sounds that can be perceived

Intent to find the truth

Answers to questions that I’ve always wanted to ask

But never had the courage to face judgment

So many times

Art is one of the only things that make people pause before placing judgment

Maybe that’s why I relate to it so much

It’s the freedom to say what you want to say

Do what you want to do

Because if you don’t like it

Let’s see you do better

lp- Music

Sometimes it makes you

Feel like crying

Sometimes it makes you

Feel like dying

Sometimes it makes you

Feel like jumping for joy

Sometimes it can make you

Feel nothing at all


Or maybe it’s like a smell

A feeling and a sound

Triggering memories putting you

In a state of reverie

Shaping and molding

The future

By examining the past 


To the morning we must drop the bass

Mad rhythm throbbing through your chest,

You’d feel it through and through

Beats soaring high in the sky

And if I could I’d shoot heaven on down for you,

I’d do it whenever you asked, it doesn’t matter your past,

Finish that glass of wine and give it here

Lets cheers to a new year!


Sleeping by yourself at night can make you feel alone

Your girlfriend said so but I don’t really know.

I’ve heard you can get injured from to much love

Not the love that nurtures, but the kind of the joker trying to

Steal your soul

Creating a monster that only wants out of the position it’s in.

Trying to find a way on the railroad tracks of life, hungry and cold, full of strife

And struggle

And pain

It turns into a ball and chain, kiss em’ on the check and that’s okay.

This is the ball and chain I call my home.

Now im right back where im from.

lp- Resonation within ourselves

Music reminds me of a seduction

that I was powerless to overcome.

 Battles that were impossible to avoid.

It changes my life, turning right instead of left,

and has brought me to become a different person.

Words and phrases drift into desolation everyday of our lives.


I heard my god tell me something yesterday and later realized

it wasn’t worth remembering.

Whether my spilt second decision was a fair judgment,

I don’t know.  

It saddens me to think I might never know.

Can we follow enough of what is said and still get to where we need to go?


I don’t know.

Is it not our duty, then, to grasp the answers

that catch, hold, and resonate?

Music is more that words as I am more

than a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Are we not forced to reflect upon

The sounds and words that influence our perspective?

Why these words, these phrases but not those?

We don’t know enough about the universe

To explain its purpose or what happens

To it on a length based timeline.


I don’t know exactly why I enjoy being who I am.

I don’t know exactly why I don’t.


When somebody is able to put these same thoughts into sounds and words,

I finally feel like there is hope to find answers.


And that I am not alone.

lp- Sublime Haiku’s


of such excellence,

grandeur, or beauty, as to

inspire the great




sound so beautiful

my ears tickle with delight

feeling so sublime




marijuana high

feels like floating through the sky

how slow time goes by




A chance to feel good

a 40 oz to freedom

shame in a bottle