P – Week 8 Poetry – “Personal Space”

Personal Space

At the start of this experiment

I worry that we will grow tired of each other

in such close quarters.

All shared spaces with multiple uses,

a clever design but with no eye to privacy.

As one week turns into three and then

a month and more and

there is no bickering or petty arguments

about who left the cap off the toothpaste

or on which side of the sink the soap belongs

I realize how ridiculous my fears are

because how can I get sick of my other half?

Best friends since childhood, attached at the hip,

even through long absences, twins born

years apart to different mothers

–there must be some mistake.


But there was no mistake and people come into our lives

when we need them most.

In him I have my brother, my twin,

and we are at home in the world.

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