Week 9 Neuro Reverie

Renée Ingersoll

As Poetry Recycles Neurons


Neuro Reverie


Neuro Reverie

This is the argument  that neuroscience, in isolating brains and their components as the focus of investigation and explanation, ignores or denies the fact that, in humans and other animals, brains only have the capacities to do what they do because they are embodied, organs in a body of organs with all its bloody, fluid, and fleshy characteristics.
(Rose and Abi-Rached, Neuro; 230)

When you break everything down,
it’s  an innumerable amount  of
a   t   o   m  s
the words on this page
this page
the hands that typed it
the keys that were pressed
the computer screen to see them
the eyes to see.
To think we are separate from our bodies,
is to think we are separate from the universe
which cannot be
and it’s what being is.
Even the idea of the soul offends the body
we are not celestial orbs occupying fleshy cages
for sport or amusement


I want my conscious to rot like the rest of me

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