Y – Week 5 Log!

February 4th

3 hours – reading

1 1/2 hours – research on plants for women’s health

2 hours – Wrote Mid-Quarter Eval

February 5th

4 hours – reading (not knowing notebook)
2 hour – journaling – on how I care for myself during “moon time” and Women’s health herbs

2 hours – Bachelard Reverie #1

30 minutes – Met with Sarah for Mid-quarter eval

February 6th

1 hour – Online research, Annie Sprinkle, Orgasms.

1 hour – Emailed Midwives and Sex educators about online interviews

1 hour – Moon Cycle Care Paper for Herbal Apprenticeship

February 7th

3 hours – reading

2 hours – writing an elixir recipe for liver support during moon cycle. Making herbal iron syrup.

1 hour – poetry in response to Helene cixous’ Laugh of the Medusa

February 8th

5 hours – herbal apprenticeship, focus on women’s herbs for health!

3 hours – Michael Meade lecture / Writing about the importance of Poetic expression. (Amazing!)

February 9th

2 hours- reading – Fertility Awareness / 5Rhythms

February 10th

2 hours – Grand Illusions Theater to see Birth Story: a documentary about midwives.

2 hours – reading – prose on volcanoes


This week:  37 hours

Cumulative total:  37 hours

Reading List:

  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
  • The Secret Teachings of Plants
  • The Poetics of Reverie
  • The Female Brain
  • Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth
  • The Laugh of Medusa
  • Maps to Ecstasy
  • Honoring Our Cycles

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