We’re going to use the deviantART.com platform to post and collect our digital pics. A group folder named “Law-and-Outlaw” has been created (by zombies)* for us to use.

1. Go to the deviantART.com website and mouse around till you figure out how to join the community (ie, register to create an account).

2. Find and join our “Law-and-Outlaw” group. Use an email address and profile you don’t mind putting out there on a social media site like this one.

3. Look around on the website for inspiration.

4. Think about our program content and themes,

  • then think about your own social world,
  • then find connections (no matter how far you have to stretch),
  • and then figure out how to visually represent them.

5. Hatch an idea. Keep in mind – there is no list of instructions (beyond this one) for you to follow step by step.

6. Post your first three pics in time for us to look at them together on Monday afternoon.

This is a serious and important assignment for us. It’s beyond thinking outside the bun. It’s more like, “Buns? We don’t need no stinking buns!”

And don’t forget – you need to schedule and keep enough time for this assignment to really pull it off.

*More on the zombies later.


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