We are swapping out Thursday and Friday schedules this week to accommodate athletic schedules.This means no change on Monday – today.
Wk 3 – Monday, Oct 14

12-3pm – SEM2 A1105

  • 12-1:15pm – History Lecture – American Revolution
    1:30-3pm – Visual Outlaw Panels

3-5pm – reserved for team meetings

Wk 3 – Thursday, Oct 17

12-2pm – SEM2 B2107 Artee / SEM2 B2109 Jules

  • Integration Seminar

2-5pm – SEM2 B1105 / LIB 2619

  • 2-5pm – SEM2 B1105 – TBA –


Wk 3 – Friday, Oct 18

12-2pm – SEM2 A2107 Artee / SEM2 A2109 Jules

  • Reading Seminar: Enjoy The Same Liberty by Edward Countryman.

2-5pm – SEM 2 A1105

  • 2-3:15pm – Legal Studies: The Indian Removal Act, the General Allotment Act or the Dawes Act,
    Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, Worcester v. Georgia
  • READ: People’s History by Peter Irons, Ch2-7
  • 3:30-5pm – Legal News Notes Panel

21st Century Slavery
UN Global Report on Trafficking in Humans
Smithsonian National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: Slavery Today


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