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Audio & Video Archive : Personnel Celebrations, Memorials and Retirements

Series : Memorial Videos

  • Academic Affairs: Academic Deans: Staff Memorial Service Video Tapes -

  • In Honor of: Title or Description Date Format
    Brown, Margery. Homa(r)ge to Margery   DV
    Butchko, Paula Memorial   3/4" Cassette, VHS
    Carlson, Craig Memorial 01/25/2002 DV, VHS
    Corrie, Rachel (Student) Memorial 03/22/2003 VHS
    Ehresmann, Adolph Memorial 02/23/2003 VHS, DV

    Finkel, Don

    Memorial 2000


    Fuller, Dick  

    Memorial 1999

    3/4" Cassette

    Gomez, Jose Celebration of the Life of Jose Gomez 2015-01-24 DVD Video
    Harding, Phil Memorial 12/03/2005 DVD, DVCAM, CD-R
    McKoy, Jacinta Memorial Service 2004 DVD, DCCAM, MiniDV
    Parson, Willie Memorial Service Willie Parson 10/20/2012 DVD
    Ramsey, Peter Memorial 10/18/2000 DV
    Shariff, Zahid Celebration of the Life of Zahid Shariff 2014-10-11 DVD Video
    Simmons, Michael Memorial 01/25/2003 VHS
    Skov, Niels Celebration of the Life of Niels Skove 2015-02-07 DVD Video
    Thurston, Cheryl Memorial Service, Potluck, and Tree Planting 03/09/1992 VHS

    Unsoeld, Willi

    Students Remember Willi 1979

    3/4" Cassette, VHS

    White, Sidney. Sid White Memorial 2008 DVD


    Series : Memorial Audios

    In Honor of: Format
    McKoy, Jacinta. For Jacinta (CD of some favorite music) (2004) CD




    Series : Retirement/Resignation Celebration Videos (by date)

    In Honor of: Date Title Format
    Bruner, Bill 2001 Library Farewell (Returning to Faculty from Dean of Library Services)
    Curtz, Thad 10/01/2007 Thad Curtz Retirement Fall 2007  
    Darney, Virginia and Nancy Taylor 2002

    Victorian Roast

    • DeDanaan, Llyn
    • Frasca, Marlyn
    • Henderson,Peta
    • Rainey, Tom
    • Salcedo, Gil

    Retirement Party

    Ellie Dornan 1991
    • Ellie Dornan's Farewell
    • Ellie Dornan Retirement Party
    Dube, Fred 1997

    Creators: Cline, Caryn and Levensky, Mark
    Video: Fred Dube 1996/97  Includes preparation materials and scripts



    Kircher, Anna 03/30/2005 Anna Going Away Party  
    Herman, Steve 10/31/2001 Steve Herman Retirement Slide Show
    Ladd, Kaye V. 1996 Explaining Nature : The TESC Life of Kaye V. Ladd 
    Livingston, Anna Mae 04/11/1996 Retirement Party  
    Jervis, Jane 06/02/2000 

    Jane Jervis' Retirement Party 

    Sevcik, Rita 2002

    Retirement Celebration

    VHS, DVCam
    Smith, Barbara 06/02/2001

    Barbara Smith's Retirement Party

    Wilhelm, Ken 2004

    Ken's Retirement Video Interviews

    Winkley, Ken   Winkley, Ken Retirement Party Video 1990



    Series : Retirement Celebration Audios

    In Honor of: Format
    Administration: President's Office: Secretary: McKernan, Diane : Rita Sevcik's 25th Anniversary Celebration Audio cassette
    Stilson, Malcolm 1985 "H.M.S. Evergreen or The Library that Missed Its Malcolm" featuring Deborah Robinson and the Lunchtime Chorus.
    Audio cassette

    Series: Other Events and Occasions Videos

    Series: Other Events and Occasions Audiotapes