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Position or Status
Known Affiliation Dates
Gabriele, Judith Elise Member of the Faculty (Adjunct)
Member of the Faculty (Visiting)
Gaddis, Nikki Staff: Secretary Senior, Student Activities 2007-200_
Gadea, Mario Member of the Faculty (Visiting) 2002-200?
Gaetz, Gloria Staff: Patient Services Representative, Counseling Center, Counseling & Health Services, Student Affairs 2007_200_
Gagnon, Lucia Staff: Athletic Trainer, CRC, Student Affairs  1996-1997
Gaines, Ozell Staff: ? Admissions, Enrollment Services  1980-1981
Gaiter, Debbie Staff: ?, Facilities, Finance & Administration 2000
Galbreath, Patsy Dell
CPJ Staff, 
1973/74 - ?
Gallagher, Becky Staff: Controller, Business Office  1986-1990
Gallagher, David

Member of the Faculty (Visiting): Arts, Academic Affairs
Member of the Faculty. Arts. Academic Affairs

Died Summer 1981 - Heart attack. Had been offered a 3 year contract from 1981-1984

Gallagher, John Staff: Director of Development, Development Office ;
Director, Planned Giving 
Gallegos, Paul Staff: Assistant for Equal Opportunity, President's Staff, President's Office
(Title Change: Special Assistant for Diversity Affairs)
Gallogly, Rebecca Staff: Assistant Director, Student Activities Administration ?
Gallup, Howard Member of the Faculty (Visiting), Social Sciences, Academic Affairs 1972-1972
Garatea, Paquita Staff: Academic Specialist, K.E.Y. Student Services, Student & Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1996-2000
Garceau, Jeanette ?  
Garceau, Jo Staff: ? ASH Ctr.  1979-1980
Garcia, Kathleen Staff: ?, Lib 1108 1984-1985;Staff: Budget Director, Budget Office, V.P. for Business  1985-1991
Garland, Pamela Staff: Officer, Police Services  1999-
Garner, Lynn W. Staff: Program Manager B, Director of S &A - Student Activities, Student Affairs   1972-1983
Garraway, Carletta Staff: ?, Student and Academic Support Services 2007-200_
Garrington, Debra(Debbie) Staff: Secretary, Community & Alumni Relations, Development & Administrative Services 
Program Coordinator, Alumni Relations, Development
Program Support Supervisor, Alumni Relations, College Advancement 
Gary, Michael ? 2000-2001
Gaubatz, Sandra Staff: ? Washington State Film Library  1974-1978
Gaudette, Volney Member: Board, Southwest Washington State College Committee 1965-1967
Gaul, Karen Member of the Faculty: Environmental Sciences (MES), Academic Affairs 2006-200_
Gaw, James Staff: ? Lab 3022  1977-1978
Gay Politic Committee Student Organization ? - 1974 - ?;CPJ Contributor "Guest Commentary The Gay Perspective" Winter Vol. 3 #17 02/20/1975 
Gayle, Nina Staff: Office Assistant, Registration, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs  1998-200_
Gebstadt, Beth Staff: Sports Medicine, College Recreation Center, Student Affairs ;
Wellness Coordinator;?, Outdoor Pursuits/Wilderness Center/Budd Inlet Sailing Club
Geiler, Peter Member of the Faculty ? 1978-1979
Gelles, George Staff: ?, SEM 4172  1985-1987 
Gelman, Herbert (Herb)  Board of Trustees
June 13, 2012
Genette, Julian Staff: ?, Admissions, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs 2007-200_
Gentry, Lucy ? 2000-2001
George, Michel Staff: Director, Facilities, Finance & Administration  1998-200_
Geraci, Mary Staff: Graphic Artist, Graphics, Information Services & Publications, Development & Administrative Services (College Advancement);
Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Graphics, College Relations, President's Office 
Staff: Interim Publications Manager, College Relations, College Advancement

1991 -1999
Gerbetz, Bernadette Staff: Clinic Representative, Counseling & Health Services, Student Development (Student & Academic Support Services), Student Affairs; Patient Services Representative  1986-1997

by 1994

Gerfao, Virginia Staff: Early Childhood Program Aide, Child Care Center 2004-2007
Gerheim, Brian Staff: Library Technician I, Periodicals, Library, Academic Affairs ;
Staff: Library Specialist, Periodicals, Library, Academic Affairs ;
Staff: Head of Periodicals, Periodicals, Public Services, Library 
Geri, Laurance (Larry) Member of the Faculty (Visiting):  Social Sciences, Academic Affairs;
Member of the Faculty
Geringer, Patricia Staff: ?, Lib 1416  1988-1991
German, Marla Staff: Program Assistant, Tacoma Campus, Academic Affairs 2006-200_
Gerst, Gery {Gary, Geri} Member of the Faculty (Visiting)
Member of the Faculty:
Gerstl, Theodore (Ted) Member of the Faculty, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs; "Class of '72" 1971-1980
Gesinde, Fisayo Staff CPJ 1974 - 1975
Geyer, Mary [Finch re-married name] Staff: Library Technician, Processing, Technical Services, Library, Academic Affairs  1988-200_
Gibbons, Randee Staff: Assistant MPA Director/Non-Profit Aeministration and Public Policy, Graduate Programs, MPA, Academic Affairs 2007-200_
Gibbs, Marguerite Staff: Secretary III, Development Office  1977-1986
Gibson, Barbara Staff: Mental Health Counselor, Counseling & Health Services, Student Development (Student & Academic Support Services), Student Affairs; Professional Counselor  1985-1996

by 1991

Gibson-Snyder, Erik
Staff: Head Women's Soccer Coach & Sports Information Director
Gilbert, Carol Staff: Secretary IV, Admissions, Enrollment Services  1979-1983
Gilbert, Christopher (Chris) Member of the Faculty (Visiting), Social Science, Academic Affairs  1985-1987
Gilbert, Jorge Member of the Faculty, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs  1988-200_
Gilbert, Olina Staff: ? Lib 4003  1974-1976
Gilbertson, Barbara Staff: ? Alumni Association  1976-1977
Gilbreath, Ford
CPJ Staff: Winter ;
Staff: ? Photo Services-Library 
? - 1974/75 - ?
1975 - ?
Gilbreath, William (Bill) Staff: Offset Duplicator I, Printing Services, Central Services, Business Manager, V.P. for Business;
Staff: Truck Driver, Receiving, General Services, Finance & Administration;
Staff: Supervisor, Copy Center (Print Shop), Auxililary Services?;
Staff: Printing & Duplication Services Supervisor, Copy Center, Business Office, Finance and Administration  


Giles, Frederick T. ? ?
Gilkey, Sheila Member of the Faculty (Adjunct) ?
Gill, Judith I. (Judy) Staff: ?, Lib 3122  1983-1986
Gillan, Micheal Faculty, EF International School of English,  1999-2000
Gillespie, Colleen Member of the Faculty ?  
Gilliam, Angela  Member of the Faculty, Anthropology/Social Sciences, Academic Affairs  1988-200_
Gilligan, Norma Staff: ? , Registrar, Student Services  1980-1985
Gillis, Bonnie Jean Staff: Coordinator, Driftwood House (Child Care Center), Student Activities  1973-1980
Gilman, Clark Staff: ?, Washington State Institute for Public Policy ;
Research Associate, Labor Center, Academic Affairs 


Gilman, Joel B.
CPJ Staff:
 1973 - 1977
Spr 1974 - ?
Gilmore, Helen  Staff: ?, Accounts Payable, Business Office ;
Staff: ?, CAB 305 
Gilmour, Joseph E. [Gilmour, Tim] Coordinator Academic Affairs, Council of State College and University Presidents 1978-1982
Gilroy, Edward W. Staff: College Services Assistant, Library  1971-1971
Giordano, Susan Staff: Systems Analyst, Administrative Computing 2000-2002
Girvin, Lila Board of Trustees  1990-1997
Girvin, Michael ? 2002-2003
Girvin, Timothy Shaw (Tim)
CPJ Staff:
 ? - 1973 - 1975  Spr 1974 - ?
Gish, Kelly Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities, Executive V.P. (Finance & Administration)
Custodian Lead
Staff: Trades Helper, Maintenance Services, Facilities 
by 1991
Glad, Clayton Staff: Library Technician, ?, Library, Academic Affairs  1985-1988
Glassburn, Sana Staff: ?, Lib 1107  1984-1985
Glassman, Jeff Member of the Faculty, Performing Arts  
Gleichman, Neil Staff: ?, Grounds, Facilities  1987-1989
Gluestein, Bernardo Staff: ?, CAB 306, KAOS Radio, Student Activities  1987-1988
Godden, Jeff Member of the Faculty (Visiting), ?, Academic Affairs 1990-1991
Goden, Jeff Staff: ?, Bookstore, Auxillary Enterprises, Business Office  1990-1991
Godsey, April Staff: Addictive Behavior Specialist  
Godwin, Nilda D. Staff: Secretary, Registrar, Enrollment Services  1982-1987
Goeres, Cheri Staff: Accounting Assistant I, Accounts Payable?  1972-1976
Goering, Bonnie Staff: Administrative Secretary, Finance & Administration  1993-1997
Goetz, Pamela (Pam) Staff: ? Lib 304  1977-1978
Goetz, Terry Staff: ? Sem 2150  1975-1976
Goff, Laura Caroline (Laurie)
International School of English
? 1972-1973;?, EF  1993-1994
Gold, Lawry Staff: ?, Lab II 0233  1983-1985
Goldberger, Ariel Member of the Faculty, Arts & Humanities, Academic Affairs;
Member Agenda Committee 
Golden, Jean Staff: ?, Bookstore, Auxillary Enterprises, Business Office  1990-1991
Goldenstar, Angela Staff: Media Technician Lead, Media Loan, Media Services, Library, Academic Affairs
Staff: Evening Shift Supervisor/Head APS, Media Loan, Media Services, Library, Academic Affairs
Golliher, Carol Staff: ? Lib 3301 MS L2300  1977-1978
Gomez, Jose

Staff: Associate Dean/Dean, Academic Deans, Academic Affairs; 
Member of the Faculty, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs;
Dean of International Studies;
Member Agenda Committee 

Gonzales, Marian (Maria)
CPJ Contributor?: "Chicano Students Organize MECHA"
1971 -1974
Gonzalez, Debbie Member of the Faculty?, Academic Affairs 2007-200_
Gonzalez, Graciela Rachel
Staff: Circulation Clerk, Library 
Goode, Roy Staff: Janitor I, Administrative VP: Facilities: Buildings and Maintenance-   1973-1973
Goodman, Kim
CPJ Staff: CAB 305, 
? - 1974/75 - ?
Fall 1974/75 - ?
Goodman, Sharon Staff: Director of Residential and Dining Services, Housing, Student Affairs 2007-200_
Goodrick, Richard Member of the Faculty, ?, Academic Affairs  1990-1992
Goodwin, Candy (Candi) Staff: ?, Lib 205  1980-1981
Goodwin, Debbie Staff: ? Cab 207  1974-1975
Goodwin, Nicole (see Allen)    
Goolsby, Rebecca Staff: ?, SEM 4107 MS SE 3127  1994-1995
Gordham, Rishel Staff: Secretary to the Director, Facilities, Finance and Administration 2006-2012
Gordon, Beckie Staff: ?, Conference Services, Auxiliary Services, Contoller, Finance & Administration  1996-1997
Gordon, David Staff: Productions Manager, KAOS Radio, Student Activities  1979-1980
Gordon, Ellen Ann
CPJ Staff: Fall 
? - 1974/75
Gordon, Josie Staff: Director, Corporate/Foundation/Donor Relations, Development Office  1993-1995
Gordon, Susan (Sue) Staff: ?, Greenhouse, Lab I, Facilities  1986-1988
Gottlieb, Mark P. Producer/Director Mount Saint Helens 3 minute film 1973-1977
Gottlieb, Robert (Bob) Member of the Faculty, Music, Humanities, Academic Affairs; "Class of '72" 1972-1982
Gould, Amy Member of the Faculty: Public and non-profit administration, public policy, organization theory and behavior, and social science research methods. 2005-
Gould, Bryan Staff: Director of Admissions 2012-
Gould, Erin ?, EF International School of English  1992-1993 
Gould, Joel F. Member: Board, Southwest Washington State College Committee 1965-1967
Gould, Shirley Staff: ?, Conference Scheduling, Conference Services,  Auxillary Services, Administrative V.P. (V.P. For Business, etc.) ; 
Staff: ? General Services, V.P. For Business ;
Staff: Cashier I, Cashier; Grant & Contract, Controller, V.P. for Business;
Staff: Accounting Assistant, Facilities, V.P. for Business (Development & Administrative Services, Finance & Administration) ;
Staff: Fiscal Technician, Facilities, Finance & Administration 



Goulet, Karen Member of the Faculty: ? (Visiting?), Academic Affairs 2000
Grabhorn, Laura Staff: Counselor, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Student & Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1996-200_ 
Grabhorn, Robert Staff: ?, Lab I 1005  1994-1995 
Grace, Rita (see Brackenbush) [nee Brackenbush, 1969-1973, 2nd mn Sevcik, 1989-2002)]    
Graft, Bonnie Staff: Program Assistant, Longhouse, Academic Affairs 2004-
Graham, Thomas Lawrence (Tom)
CPJ Staff
1973/74 - ?
Gralen, Paul Staff: Technical Director, Building Administration, Comm Building/Performing Arts Facility, Student Affairs?  1992-1996 
Granger, Sandra L. Staff: Secretary, Director Inter-Institutional Business Studies;
Secretary, Director of Personnel
Grant, Ellen Staff: Coordinator, Media Services, Library, Academic Affairs  1987-1989 
Grant, Ruth Suzanne
CPJ Staff: 
1973 - 1975 - ?
Fall 1974/75 - ?
Gray, Donovan Staff: ? Development Office  1981-1982 
Gray, Jeff Staff: ?, Capital Projects Staff, Construction & Energy Management, Facilities, Finance & Administration  1992-1994 
Green, Cecilia Staff: ?, SEM 4107  1993-1994 
Green, Cleveland Staff: Custodian II, Custodial Services, Facilities  1974-1989 
Green, Robert (Bob) Staff: Maintenance Technician, Shops-Facilities

CPJ Staff;
1973/74 - ? 
1973/74 - ?
Green, William Member of the Faculty (Adjunct?), ?,  Academic Affairs  1997-1998 (S)
Greene, Amy Staff: Curriculum Support, Academic Computing, Computing and Communications, Finance and Administration
Staff: ITS V-Curricular Technology Support Lead, Academic Computing, Computing and Communications, Finance and Administration



Greene, Shirley Staff: Phototypesetter, Graphics, College Relations ;
(Became Publications and Graphics division of College Advancement)
Greenhut, Bonnie S. [Naomi] Member of the Faculty, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs; "Class of '72" 1972-1976
Greenidge, Anthony Staff: Counselor, First Peoples Recruitment, Student and Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1989-1991
Greenway, Sandra (Sandy)  Staff: Program Assistant II, Leisure Education, Recreation & Campus Activities;
Program Manager, Recreation Center, Student Affairs

by 1986-1987

Gregg, Sheila Staff: ? Lib 1103 Business Office;
Staff: Accountant II, Payroll & Enterprise Accounts, Business Office 
Greggs, Bonnie Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities, Finance & Administration  1996-2000
Gregory, Elaine Staff: Grants - Contracts and Foundation Accountant, Business Services  
Gribskov, Margaret Member of the Faculty, Humanities
Adviser to Cooper Point Journal Staff
01/1974 - ?
Gricevich, Andy COM 201 2003 (F)
Griebling, Vicki Research Assistant, State Game Department  1979-1980
Griffin, Donna Staff: Assistant to the Director, Tacoma Campus 2007-200_
Griffith, Howard Staff: ? Lib 304  1974-1975
Griffith, G. I. Member: Board, Southwest Washington State College Committee 1965-1967
Griffiths, Betty L. [Lang, Betty L.] Staff: Student Assistant for Periodicals, Technical Services Library;
Clerk-Typist (PT), Library 
Library Assistant
Griffiths, Howard Staff: Position unknown, Print Shop  1973-1973
Griffiths, Nelda Staff: Secretary (Coordinator), Deans  1970-1970
Griggs, Bonnie Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities, Finance and Administration 1998-1999
Grim, Paul Staff: ?, Computer Services  1990-1991
Grimes, Eric Staff: Custodian I, Building Services, Facilities, Finance and Administration 2009-201_
Grissom, Tom Member of the Faculty, Science, Academic Affairs  1985-200_
Griswold, Carla Traylor
Volunteer at TESC on "the Women's Art Festival".
Staff: Media Loan, Library
Donated copy of poetry chapbook, "Missing Women: 1969-1990" to TESC Library



Grodzik, Walter Eugene Member of the Faculty, Expressive Arts, Academic Affairs 2002-200_
Groening, Matthew Abram
CPJ Staff: CAB 306
1973 - 1977
1974 - 1977
Groner, Paige Custodian, Building Services, Facilities  1999-200_
Groshong, Joe Staff: S&A Board Coordinator, Student Activities Administration, SASS  1999-2000
Grossman, Zoltan Member of the Faculty: Social Sciences, Academic Affairs 2005-200_
Grothkop, Don Staff: Offset Pressman, Print Shop  1972-1972
Groves, Randall Stuart [Randy]

Member of the Faculty ?

2004 (S)

Gruen, Carol Staff: Office Assistant, Registration & Records, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs  1985-1986, 1995-200_
Gudding, Gabriel

Evergreen Author: (Currently Assistant Professor of English at Illinois State University)

  • Subsubpoetics
Guerrero, Antonio Estrada Staff: Position unknown, Admissions Office  1973-1974
Guilfoil, James (Jim) Staff: ?, CAB 305  1982-1983
Guilloud, Stephanie ?  
Gulden, James (Jim) Member of the Faculty, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs  1972-1984
Gunning, Sarah Elizabeth
Staff: Processing Clerk, Library

Gurusamy, Soundari Member of the Faculty (Adjunct)?, ?, Academic Affairs  1997-1999
Guse, Todd Staff: Office Manager, Dining Services, Auxiliary Enterprises, Business Office, Finance and Administration 2005-200_
Guss, Matthew Staff: Photo Services Assistant, Library  1972
Gutholm, James Staff: Systems Analyst, Scientific Computing, Computer Applications Lab
Staff: Database Administrator, Network Services, Computing and Communications, Finance and Administration  
Staff: Manager, Network Services, Computing and Communications, Finance and Administration



Gutierrez, Florencio (Tino)  Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities, Finance & Administration;
Staff: Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Services, Facilities
Guttman, Burton S. (Burt)  Member of the Faculty, Biology, Sciences Academic Affairs; "Class of '72" 1972-200_
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