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Known Affiliation Dates
Eamon, Kathleen Member of the Faculty ?: Academic Affairs 2007-200_
Earl, Kathleen (Kathy) Staff: Library Collections Supervisor A, Periodicals/Government Documents, Library, Academic Affairs  1978-1981
Earwood, Randy Staff: Counselor, APEL, Student & Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1994-1995
Easterly, Frank Staff: Utility Operator, Plant Operations, Facilities 1972-1979?;Steam Engineer  1979?-1982
Easton, Kyle Staff: Cashiers Lead, Cashiers Office, Business Office, Finance and Administration 2006-2008
Eaton, Rose Ann (Rose) Staff: Accounting Assistant, Controller 
Accounting Assistant II
Eber, Linda Jayne
CPJ Contributor
Winter 1973
Eberhardt, Jean Staff: Outreach Project Assistant, Academic Advising, SASS  1999-200_
Ebersole, James Member of the Faculty, Sciences, Academic Affairs 1987-1988
Eckstein, Teresa Staff: Office Assistant, Human Resources  1999-200_
Edden, Deborah K.
CPJ Staff: 
1974/75 - 1977/78
Winter 1975 - ?
Eddy, Darwin Staff: ?, Security & Parking, Auxillary Services, V.P. for Business
Sergeant, Campus Security, Student Affairs
Sergeant, Campus Security, Executive V.P. for Finance & Administration
Sergeant, Public Safety (Police Services), Student Affairs 


Eddy, Maureen Staff: ?, Lib 1401  1987-1989
Edee, Don

Staff: Library Technician, Inter-Library Loan, Library, Academic Affairs
Borrowing for TESC Community, Interlibrary Loan, Public Services, Library 

Edelheit, Eric
  • Staff: Music Director and DJ at KAOS. .
Edwards, Commanche Staff: Data Control Technician II, Key Punch, Computer Operations-Computer Services  1976-1980
Edwards, Deborah Staff: Counseling Coordinator, Upward Bound, Student & Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1990-1994
Edwards, Margaret Staff: ?, Lib 2211  1988-1990
Edwards, Melissa Jane Staff: Reference Clerk, Library  1972

Edwards, Richard Alan (Rich)
(Fitzalan de Glymmere, Baron Sir Richard Fergus) [pseud]

A more or less complete bibliography can be found at:

  • Staff: Library Technician II, Processing, Technical Services, Library
  • Staff: Library Supervisor (Circulation Assistant), Circulation, Library
  • Staff: Head of Circulation, Circulation, Library
  • Director, Instructional Technology Project
  • Instructional Technology Librarian
  • Took faculty position at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma
  • Returned to Washington State, took position with the Washington State Library
  • 1978-1980
  • 1980-1994
  • 1994-1998
  • 1998-1999
  • 1999-2001
  • Sp 2001
  • 2002-
Egawa, Ikushi Faculty (Adjunct) FW 2003-2004, 2007-2008
Egolf, Lyndel Staff: Credentials Evaluator, Registration & Records, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs (see Clark, Lyndel)
Ehresmann, Adolph

Staff: Motor Equipment Service Attendant, Garage & Motor Pool, Facilities ;
Operations Maintenance Specialist, Facilities, Finance & Administration 
Operations Maintenance Specialist, Energy Maintenance Staff, Construction & Energy Management,
Retired :
Died : Cancer

by 1991
by 1993

Ehresmann, Judy Staff: Office Assistant III-Typist, NDSL & AR Collections, Student Accounts, Controller, V.P. for Business ;
Staff: Program Coordinator, Student Loans, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs



Ehrmann, Stephen C. Staff? : Institutional Research and Planning ?-1977?
Eickholt, Jean [Jeanne]
[Jane 1985 directory]
Staff: PT Office Assistant, Media Services, Library, Academic Affairs ;
Staff: PT Office Assistant, Library Administration, Library, Academic Affairs
Staff: Fiscal Specialist, Library Administration, Academic Affairs
Full time 2004-
Eickstaedt, Lawrence L. (Larry)  Member of the Faculty (Founding), "Class of '72", Biology, Academic Affairs;
Eirich-Dehne, Susan Member of the Faculty (Visiting)?, Academic Affairs  1992-1993
Eisner, Keith Washington Occupational Information System ;
Staff: ?, Housing, Facilities ;
Staff: Information Specialist, College Relations (LIB 3115)? ;
Staff: Acting Director, Information Services 
Ekstedt, David Richard Evergreen Author 1972-1973
Elbow, Peter H. Member of the Faculty, "Class of '72",  Humanities, Academic Affairs  1972-1982
Elder, Liz Member of the Faculty (Adjunct?) Lib 3220 1999-200_
Eldridge, Alison Staff: Business Systems Analyst, Advancement Services 2003-200_
Eldridge, Lester W. (Les) Staff: Director of Financial Aid
Special Assistant to the President
Assistant to the President, by 


Eldridge, Mary Staff: ?, Facilities  1981-1984
Elhardt, Anthony (Tony) [Eldhart] Staff: Steam Engineer, Central Plant & Utilities, Facilities 
Staff: Plum/Pipe/Steam Lead, Central Utility Plant, Facilities 
Assistant Chief Engineer 
Chief Engineer, Central Utility Plant 
by 1991
Elhardt, Michelle Staff: Program Coordinator, Registration & Records, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs;
Secretary to Dean of Enrollment Services, Student Affairs 


Elliott, Jeanine Staff: Director, Washington Center for Undergraduate Education, Academic Affairs  1995-200_
Elliott, Marla Beth Staff: ?, Student Affairs, Lib 3212 
Member of the Faculty (Adjunct)
Elliott, Pam Staff: ? Facilities  1978-1979
Elliott, Scott Staff: Program Coordinator  
Elliott, Terry Staff: ?, Sem 4127  1993-1994
Ellis, Douglas James
CPJ (The Paper) Staff: 
1972/73 - 1973/74 
1972/73 - 1973/74
Ellis, Shannon Staff: Dean of Student and Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1990-1998
Ellsworth, Anne Staff: Library Technician, Collections maintenance, Technical Services, Library, Academic Affairs
Adjunct Faculty since
Processing, Technical Services, Library 
Eloheimo, Mary Jo (Marja)
Member of the Faculty (Adjunct), Academic Affairs 1994-1995
Member of the Faculty, ? Academic Affairs, Lab II 3209/Lib 3207
Elson, Amber Staff: Early Childhood Program Aide, Child Care Center  
Elway, Richard M. Staff: Maintenance Man, Plant Operations  1970-1971
Elway, Rose Ann Staff: Accounting Assistant I
Accounting Assistant II
Elzey, Joann Staff: ?, Food Services, Auxillary Enterprizes, Business Office  1987-1988
Emery, Les
CPJ (The Paper) Contributor
1971/72 - ?
By-lined 04-14-1972
Emmons, Kelley Staff: Student Reference Aide, Library  1981-1986
Enciso, Gloria Staff: ?, Greenery, Food Services, Auxillary Enterprises, Business Office  1990-1992
Endress, Wendy
  • Staff: Executive Associate to Vice President for Student Affairs
  • V.P. Student Affairs
  • 2007-2013
  • 2013-20__
Eng, April Staff: ?, Lab I 2020  1984-1985
England, Jeff Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities  1989-1990
Englert, Dave Member of the Faculty (Visiting), Arts & Humanities, Academic Affairs  1979-1981
Engstrom, Randy Staff: ?, KAOS Radio 1998-1999
Enlow, John CPJ Staff,  1973-1974
Ennsthaler, Julie S. Staff: ?, Admissions, Enrollment Services  1990-1992
Enriquez, Lucy Staff: College Service Assistant ;
Library Technician Trainee, Reference, Library ;
Government Documents Specialist (Library Specialist), Library ;
Library Technician III ;
Library Specialist ;
as of 1979
by 1991
1997 (Sp)
Enriquez, Roberto Staff: Counselor, Academic Planning & Experiential Learning, Student & Academic Support Services, Student Affairs  1995-1996
Ensign, Jacque ?  
Enslin, Elizabeth Staff: ?, SEM 3122A  1994-1995
Eoff, John Coordinator Comp. Affairs, Council of State College and University Presidents  1977-1981
Epperson, Peter Staff: ? Cab 305  1980-1981
Er, Zhang (Mingxia Li) Member of the Faculty (Visiting), Sciences, Tacoma Campus, Academic Affairs
Member of the Faculty, Sciences, Academic Affairs
Erhart, Robin Staff: Program Secretary, Academic Programs  1974-1983
Erhart, Shirely Student: BA ? (Worked in Shelton Public Library 1980's) Late 70's
Erhmann, Steve Staff: Consultant, Institutional Research  1975-1976
Erhmann, Steve Staff: Institutional Research Consultant, Administration  1976-1977
Erickson, Robert Staff: Custodian, Building Services, Facilities, Finance and Administration 2003-200_
Erpelding, Mat Staff: Outdoor Program Manager, Athletics and Recreation, CRC, Student Affairs 2007-200_
Ervin, Heather Staff: Administrative Secretary, VP for Advancement 2003-200_
Escobar, Manuel Staff: Executive V.P.: Facilities: Electrical Engineer 1971-1973
Escobedo, Ermelindo Staff: Special Assistant to the President, Affirmative Action, President's Office ;
Student: Master of Public Administration graduate 
Eskew, Robert Staff: Custodian, Custodial Services, Facilities, Executive V.P. Finance & Administration 1988-1995
Espinola, Judith Staff: Coordinator of Media Services?, Library  1981-1986
Espinoza, Elaine Staff: ?, Student Activities, SASS, Student Affairs 2007-200_
Esquivel, Alfred Cruz (Cruz) Member of the Faculty, "Classof'72", Humanities, Academic Affairs  1971-1978
Esslinger, Sheila Staff: Perkins Loans Collections, Student Accounts, Controller, Finance & Administration  1996-1998
Estes, Elizabeth Ruth (Betty : Betty Ruth) Member of the Faculty, "Classof'72", Sciences, Academic Affairs
Estrada, Antonio Staff: Admissions Counselor, Admissions  1972-1972
Ettinger, David Aaron (Dave)
CPJ Contributor
CPJ Staff: 
1973/74 - 1974/75 ?
04/26/1973, 04/11/1974
1974/75 - ?
Evans, Bonita Staff: Program Secretary, Academic Affairs ;
Program Coordinator, Master of Public Administration/master of environmental Studies Programs, Academic Affairs 
Evans, Daniel J. (Dan)

Second president of TESC and former Governor of Washington State.

  • Served as president until he was appointed Senator replacing Henry M. Jackson who died in 1981(?).

The library building is named in honor of his time as Governor.



Evans, Donnajene Staff: ?, Conference Services Cab 207  1977-1978
Evans, Edward (Ed) Staff: Program Secretary, Lib 2414  1975-1976
Evans, Joyce Staff: ? Lib 2414  1974-1975
Evans, Lara Member of the Faculty?: Academic Affairs 2007-200_
Evans, Shelley Staff: ? , Sem 3117  1981-1982
Everson, Porsche Staff: Science Programer II, Academic Computing, Compupting & Communications, Development & Administrative Services (Executive V.P., Finance & Administration, etc.)  1987-1998
Ewen, Jon Staff: ?, Lab I 056  1997-200_
Ewing, Mary Staff: Clerk-Typist, ?  1973-1973
Ezell, Mark Staff: Washington Public Policy Fellow, Washington Public Policy Institure  1991-1992
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