2009-10 Catalog

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Individual Study and Research Opportunities

Individual Study Options

Individual Learning Contract: a full or part time study contract that is negotiated between a student and faculty/staff sponsor who has knowledge in the area to be studied. Learn more...

Internship Learning Contract: a full or part time contract including applied work experience, that is negotiated among a student, a field supervisor in an organization or business, and an Evergreen faculty/staff sponsor. Learn more...

In Program Internship Contract: when you are registered for a program and working on an internship as a part of the program. Learn more...

Student Originated Studies Programs

Programs that offer individual or group projects within the context of the program.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities exist in Environmental Studies and Scientific Inquiry with the mentorship of faculty in these areas.

In the following list, Individual Study denotes faculty in the contract pool willing to sponsor contracts in the areas designated. Student Originated Studies (SOS) denotes individual or group projects available within the context of the program.