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Body, Voice, Objects and Imagination


Spring 2013 quarter

Walter Grodzik theater , Ariel Goldberger creativity, artistic process, mysticism, writing , Robert Esposito dance, kinesiology
Fields of Study
communications, dance, literature, somatic studies and theater
Preparatory for studies or careers in
performance, theatre, object theatre, movement, voice, acting, literature, and poetry. These presentational skills are useful in fields such as law, management, performing arts, and teaching.

In this program students will study the voice, the body, and objects as sources of expression through the use of vocal and movement exercises, the recitation of poetry and other forms of literature, and performance. The class will explore creativity and imagination as expressed by the human voice, the body, and animated objects.  How does the human voice respond to the emotional self, the physiology of the body, and the imagination?  What are the contributing factors in how we use our voices, bodies, and objects to express ourselves in our daily lives and during performance?  How can voices, bodies, and animated objects become more expressive and responsive to our inner selves?  How do they contribute to the creation of artistic images and performances?

This program will consist of multiple voice, object, and movement workshops. We will begin with exercises that increase focus, and enhance vocal color and strength.  Movement workshops will focus on developing physical awareness and creativity.  Animated Object labs will introduce students to experiments with body, voice, and objects in performance.  We will learn the fundamentals of expressing sensory, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral experience by attending to space, time, body, breath, voice, artistic discipline and effort. In all these workshops, students will present group and individually created original compositions based on poetic and non-traditional texts.  Integration and critique seminars will offer opportunities for exchange of ideas.

Regular attendance, timeliness, and enthusiastic participation in workshops will be fundamental and extremely important in this program.  This program is suitable for students at all levels with a sincere interest in developing greater vocal range, physical variety and strength, as well as a more flexible, and emotionally rich, range of expression. These interdisciplinary public presentation skills are useful in fields such as law, management, performing arts, and teaching.

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Required Fees
$25 for materials and small tool expenses for object creation workshops.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
February 20th, 2013 $25 fee has been added; title has been modified to "Body, Voice, Objects and Imagination".
January 8th, 2013 Description has been updated.
November 1st, 2012 Ariel Goldberger has joined the teaching team.
October 10th, 2012 New program offered.