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Malcolm Stilson Archives and Special Collections     

Archives are the corporate memory of the institution. Included are the business and operational records that are no longer actively in use throughout the institution and that are also either of continuing administrative, legal, or historical importance.

Archives provide documentation on:

  • past policy, procedures, and documentation of official activities on behalf of the college.

  • activities of administrators, staff , faculty - includes personal papers of retired or deceased administrators, faculty, and staff who have been part of the Evergreen community.

  • academic and leisure education programs - includes academic program histories.

  • student academic work and student organizatons - includes examples of individual and student group academic work and the corporate records of campus student organizations.

Finding Aids:

“A tool that facilitates discovery of information within a collection of records. [It is] a description of records that gives the repository physical and intellectual control over the materials and that assists users to gain access to and understand the materials.” -Society of American Archivists

START HERE: Accession Register: (The Archives' main finding aid - provides control over incoming records and allows browsing and page searching for keywords. Also contains links to more detailed pages describing the content of each accession.)

OR HERE: Records Groups Index : (A tool for ascertaining the accession numbers most likely to contain records of interest to the researcher according to their provenance (office of origin) )

Archives West : (Provides access to the Archives' descriptive finding aids that are hosted on the Orbis-Cascade Consortium's Content Creation and Dessemination Program web site as well as to other institutional collections in the Orbis-Cascade Alliance)

Washington State Women's History Consortium (WSWHC) TESC Collections: (Provides access to the collections submitted to the Consortium by each of its members pertaining to the history of women in Washington State).

see also the links in the tables below

Media Indexes

Special Collections:

Supporting the frequently reiterated themes in the College's curriculum including:

  • Chicano Archives - a collection of folk art and culture focusing on Chicano culture.
  • Nisqually Delta Association - the archives of the organization dedicated to preserving the last remaining non-industrialized river delta in Washington State.
  • Olympia Historical Society - collections pertaining to Olympia area history temporarily held until the Society finds space for of their own
  • Jolene Unsoeld Papers - Lobbyist, Legislator, 3rd District Congress woman, adjunct faculty and spouse to Founding Faculty, Willi Unsoeld.
  • Peoples of Washington - a cultural research collection which grew out of research by Sid White and Pat Matheny-White into the diversity of Washington State's population.
  • Wa. State Folklife Council - Through the use of photographs, video and audio tapes documents a variety of Washington State resident creators of folk arts and crafts.
  • Socialist Literature Collection - A collection of magazines, newsletters and pamphlets from the 1930's through the 1980's.
  • Washington Worm Growers - Documents the business practices and routines of the vermiculture industry in Washington State in the 1970's.

  • TESC Historical  Information


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    In all cases, publicaton or display of our materials must carry the credit line: " From The Evergreen State College Archives".  Citations of specific materials should include the accession number, provenance and series title, file folder heading (if any) followed by the specific item's identification (title or description). This includes on-line representations of archival materials selected from the holdings of this repository and displayed in web pages originating beyond the control of The Evergreen State College.

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