Horizon: Where Land Meets Sky

Assignments, etc...


Monday: Seminar Preparation Seminar Response Pages Due at De Danaan Office by 3 PM Tuesday: (9:00-5) Organic Farm
  • 9 AM   arrive ready for a day of hard work and food
  • 9-10:30  faculty provide focus for the day
  • 10:45-12:15  journal writing
  • 12:15-1:15  potluck lunch
  • 1:20-3:30  seminar (see seminar plan in seminar syllabus)
  • 3:30-5 governance
Wednesday: (9:00-12) Arts Annex or Library 2126
Wednesday: (12:00-5) College Governance (Get involved on a dtf or in student organization!)

Thursday: (9:00-12) Conferences TBA
Thursday: (6:00-10) Stars, Sky and Culture Modular Library 1612

Friday: (All Day) Seminar Small Group Preparation

    Project Design/Research

Spring Quarter/Horizons

 We will have several weeks on campus before departing for whatever fieldtrip we may design.  During these weeks, students will: 

  • Write and present a contract for personal work during the fieldtrip period
  • Engage in ceremony that supports a covenant between and among those who will work and travel together during the spring 
  • Finalize plans to leave: purchasing food, equipment, release forms, travel plans,etc.