Horizon: Where Land Meets Sky

Stars, Sky and Culture 
Winter Quarter Module 
Thursday 6-10 PM 
Faculty: Llyn De Danaan

This course is offered as a part of Horizons. It is required for Horizons students. It is open to anyone else. It will serve as an introduction to anthropological approaches to the study of cosmologies and cosmogonies, ethnoastronomy and archaeoastronomy. Three texts will be required for use in Diné bahané: Navajo Creation Story, Earth and Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore, and Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest. Lectures and class workshops will be supplemented by films. Students will produce an annotated bibliography and literature review on a related topic. 

Annotated Bibliography/Abstract

I am asking for more than a simple annotation. More of a brief abstract or review with all bibliographic information 

Use a standard format. Consult MLA style guide available at library reference desk. 

Annotated bibliography will include details: 

  • The main thesis, hypothesis or state goal of the author 
  • A description of the contents: organization, illustrations, graphs or tables, bibliography 
  • Intended audience 
  • Special features of the book or article 
  • Comment of biases, problems, concerns with the book or article
An annotation/abstract should provide enough information for a reader to find the book easily and to have a clear notion of the book/article's purpose, contents, its values and its use. 

Because this is a bibliography to do with ethnocosmology/ethnoastronomy and archeoastronomy, please point out the book or article's special relevance to the field under study.