1999-2000 Program


Fall, Winter, Spring/Group Contract
Faculty: Anne Fischel, Ju-Pong Lin
Enrollment: 50
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or above. Successful completion of course work involving critical reading and writing and/or work in visual arts, media, music or performance.
Faculty Signature: Yes. Students submit a written application plus copy of previous evaluation and self-evaluation, or transcript. Applications will be available by mid-April and can be picked up from the program secretaries in COM 301 or the Academic Advising office. Written application is due Friday, May 7, 1999. Students will be notified of acceptance by program secretary.
Special Expenses: $100-$300 each quarter for film and video materials and post-production fees.
Part-Time Options: No
Internship possibilities: Yes, during spring quarter.
Travel Component: None

Mediaworks is the entry-level program in film and video production, history and theory. Our focus is on the nonfiction image, a broad category that includes documentary, experimental film, installation, video art, autobiography and mixed-genre work. In Mediaworks, as in all moving image programs at Evergreen, we stress the linkage of theory and practice, analyze the politics of representation and work to support each student's development of a critical perspective on image-making.

Mediaworks is a flexible program that responds to current issues in production and theory. In 1999-2000 our focus will include both documentary and experimental film and video. In addition to studying film, video, television and audio production, students will make installations and experiment with performance techniques. Themes and genres explored will include: experimental video and the linkages between art and video movements, autobiography, documentary, activist and community-based film and video, feminist theory and practice, and alternative representations of race, class, gender and sexual orientation in film and video. In fall and winter, students will acquire production skills and produce short projects in a variety of media. Screenings and seminars will help them develop critical viewing skills and explore current and historical issues of visual representation. Students will be expected to do extensive research on a significant filmmaker or film movement and present their research verbally and in writing. In spring quarter each student will have the opportunity to produce an extended independent project. Students should expect to work collaboratively on projects consistent with the focus of the program. Technical instruction will include: pre-production design, cinematography, lighting, film and video editing, sound recording and post-production strategies. We will pay attention to the process as well as the product of media production, with emphasis on experimentation, screening work in progress, group discussion and critique, and the development of individual critical and aesthetic perspectives.

Evergreen students wishing to apply for this program should complete an application (available at the program secretary's office or Academic Advising by mid-April), and an evaluation and self-evaluation from a previous Evergreen program. Transfer students should submit the application and a transcript. All applications and support materials are due by Friday, May 7, 1999. In considering applications we look for evidence of critical reading and writing skills, interest in the arts or media, willingness to engage in intensive study and research, commitment to non-fiction production and willingness to work collaboratively.

* Credit awarded in film history, film theory, film production, video production, installation, performance and art history.
* Total: 16 credits each quarter.
* Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in media, visual arts and communications.

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