Fall 1999

Faculty: Ju-Pong Lin & Anne Fischel
COM 362, X6338 COM 308D, X6416
Office hrs. Mon. 1-3 Office hrs. Mon. 1-3

Reading List: John Berger, Ways of Seeing
bell hooks, Reel to Real
Bill Nichols, Representing Reality
Roselee Goldberg, Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present
Moira Roth, Rachel Rosenthal
Suzanne Lacy, Mapping the Terrain
Michelle Citron, Home Movies and Other Fictions
John Cantine, et al, Shot by Shot
Robert Musberger, Single-Camera Video Production

Additional Readings: Articles in course packet in bookstore
Other articles may be assigned as appropriate and placed on library reserve


Tuesday 9:30-12:30 Recital Hall Lecture/Screening
Tuesday 2:30-5:30 Library 2220, 2204 Seminar
Wednesday 9:30-1:00 TV Studio, COM 343, 344 Workshop
Thursday 9:00-2:30 COM 110, COM 117 Workshop/Program time
Thursday 3-5 Library 1316 Discussion/Viewing/Closure

Peer group writing workshops: Tuesday 1:30-2:30

Wednesday schedule: alternates television production/performance and audio workshops
Group A: Performance--weeks 2, 4, 6, 8
Group B: Performance—weeks 3, 5, 7, 9

Thursday schedule: weeks 1-4: workshops in film (group 1) or video (group 2)
week 5: presentations
weeks 6-9: workshops in film (group 2) or video (group 1)
week 10 (presentations)


Collaborative Production projects: 1 film, 1 video, 1 performance, 1 sound track. Everybody presents a film or video during week 5 (depending on which workshop you are taking first).

Your other 3 production assignments are due week 10. The sound track should be designed for your 10th week film/video or your performance. There may be additional design projects, as needed, in specific workshops.

Papers: 3 essays, 4 pages minimim, due in Tuesday seminar weeks 3, 6, and 8. Drafts of each paper due Tuesday morning of week 2, 4, and 7. 2 papers should deal with assigned readings, one may deal with a film screened in class. You will need to view the film you select at least one additional time—contact the faculty in advance, since some films are rentals and need to be returned promptly.

WEEK 1 Sept. 28-30: Ways of Seeing

Tuesday: "Looking Strategies: Framing"

Viewing: Joris Ivens, "Rain"; Lumiere (shorts); Melies (shorts); Eisenstein, "Potemkin" (clip); Welles, "Magnificent Ambersons" (clip) Bill Viola, "The Space Between the Teeth"
Reading: Berger, "Field" (library reserve)

Wednesday: "Looking Relations: Representation"

Viewing: "Olympia", Eduard Manet, photography of Carrie Mae Weems, Lorna Simpson, Barbara Kruger, Joan Jonas, "Vertical Roll", Fred Wilson, "Mining the Museum"

Reading: Berger, Ways of Seeing

Thursday: 9:30-2:30: Film Workshop: lights and light-meters
Video Workshop: cameras
3-5 Seminar

Reading: "Introduction: Making Movie Magic" (in bell hooks, Reel to Real)

WEEK 2 Oct. 5-7: Documentary Strategies: Representing "Reality"

Viewing: Pare Lorenz, "The River", John Huston, "The Battle of San Pietro", George Stoney, "You Are On Indian Land"

Reading: Bill Nichols, Representing Reality, pp. 3-75

Film Workshop: Bolex Cameras
Video Workshop: Work in Progress, Re-Scanning

Wednesday 9-10: Web crossing workshop in the MAC Lab (Audio and Performance workshops start one hour late).

Thursday PM: Film Analysis (L1316)
First Draft of Paper #1 due Tuesday AM

WEEK 3 Oct. 12-14: Representing Others: The Ethics and Politcs of Documentary

Viewing: Fred Wiseman’s "Titticut Follies"
Reading: Calvin Pryluck, "Ultimately We Are All Outsiders," Nichols, pp. 76-107

Film Workshop: Work in Progress, Group Production Tests
Video Workshop: Editing, View Rushes

Thursday 2-5 (Library 1316): Diversity Workshop
Final Draft of Paper #1 due in seminar

WEEK 4 Oct. 19-21: Experimental Film, Video, and Performance

Viewing: "Germany: Dada", "Sphinxes Without Secrets"

Thursday 3-5 L1316: special screening: "Rachel on Stage in Gaia"

Reading: Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present pp. 50–74, 121–210, articles on reserve

Film Workshop: Work in Progress, Single-System Editing
Video Workshop: View Rough Cuts

First Draft of Paper #2 due Tuesday AM

Friday Oct. 22-Sunday Oct. 24: Conference on the World Trade Organization

WEEK 5 Oct. 26-28: Performance

Viewing: "The Performance World of Rachel Rosenthal", "Pangean Dreams"

Reading: Rachel Rosenthal

Film/Video Presentations Due

Wednesday 2-5:30: Screen Film/Video Presentations
Wednesday 6:00: Program Potluck
Wednesday 7:30 pm, Recital Hall: Rachel Rosenthal, lecture (strongly recommended)
Thursday 10-1: Workshop with Rachel Rosenthal (limited to 25 participants)
Thursday 2-5:30: Screen Film/Video Presentations
Friday, Oct. 30, Saturday, Oct. 31: Performance of "Timepiece" by Rachel Rosenthal Company (strongly recommended)

WEEK 6 Nov. 2-4: Public Art

Viewing: Suzanne Lacey, "Underground" and "Whisper the Waves"
Reading: Mapping the Terrain, Ch. 1-6

Nov. 3-5: Faculty Retreat at Pack Forest

Final Draft of Paper #2 due Tuesday in seminar

WEEK 7 Nov. 9-11: Public Art

Viewing: Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Coco Fusco, "Couple in the Cage", "Mining the Museum"

Reading: Mapping the Terrain, Ch. 7 through end

First Draft of Paper #3 due Tuesday AM

WEEK 8 Nov. 16-18: Between Reality and Fiction

Viewing: Michelle Citron, "Daughter-Rite",

Reading: Michelle Citron, Home Movies and Other Fictions, first half


WEEK 9 Nov 30-Dec 2

Viewing: "What You Take For Granted"

Reading: Home Movies and Other Fictions, second half

Final Draft of Paper #3 Due Tuesday in seminar



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