Winter Quarter

Ju-Pong Lin COM 362 X6338 Office Hrs: Monday 1-3
Anne Fischel COM 308D X6416 Office Hrs: Monday 1-3


Tues: 9:30 - 12:30 Recital Hall
2:30-5:30 Seminar in Lab I 1051 and 1059
Wed: 9:30-1:00 Weeks 1-5: Film Workshop in Lib1308
Weeks 6-9: Film Workshop in L1308 or Mac Lab
9:30-1:00 Weeks 1-5: Video workshop in MAC Lab
Weeks 6-9: Video Workshop in GIL
Thurs: 9:30-1:30 Installation in Lib 1316 or Experimental Theater
9:00-12:00 Audio in COM Building Audio Lab
2:00-5:00 Program Activities in Lib1316 (this time may vary each week)

Texts: Erens, Issues in Feminist Criticism
Renov and Suderberg, Resolutions
Nichols, Representing Reality
Small, Direct Theory
Adobe Premier: Classroom in a Book
After-Effects: Classroom in a Book
Pincus and Ascher, The Filmmaker's Handbook

Writing Assignments:

Research paper-outline due Thursday of week 4, first draft due Thursday of week 6, final draft due week 9.
Proposal for your spring quarter project & synopsis due Thursday of week 7, full draft due Monday of evaluation week.

Week 1-Gender: Introduction, Feminist Theory and the Politics of Representation: Anne and Ju-Pong

Reading: Erens, Issues in Feminist Film Criticism: Mulvey, 28-40, Modleski 58-74, Turim 101-111, Arbuthnot and Seneca112-125; Lesage 222-237, Michel 238-249, Rich 268-297. Also; hooks, Reel to Real: "The Oppositional Gaze: The Black Female Spectator".

Viewing: clips from Alfred Hitchcock, "Vertigo", and Howard Hawkes, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

Thursday 2-5:00: clips from Douglas Sirk, "Imitation of Life;" and Connie Field, "Rosie the Riveter," Tracy Moffat, "Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy," Ngozi Onwurah's "Body Beautiful."

Week 2- Gender: Gender Roles and Sexuality: Liz, Jocelyne, Lily, Crystal, Krista, Tracy

Reading: In Issues in Feminist Criticism: Waldman 13-18, Artel and Wengraf, 9-12, Gaines 75-92. In Resolutions, Kipnis, "Female Transgression". On reserve under "Gender Group Readings": Holly Willis," At Hand: The Tactics of Feminist Media Practice" (also found at the followingURL, with links and video -; excerpt from Stone Butch Blues; Gregg, "Queer Representation and Oregon's 1992 Anti-Gay Ballot Measure..."; Holmlund, "When Autobiography Meets Ethnography and Girl Meets Girl..."; Straayer, "Transgender Mirrors: Queering Sexual Difference".

Viewing: Sadie Benning, "Jollies", Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams, "Shinjuku Boys," Alisa Lebow, "Outlaw," "L is for the Way You Look," "The Deflatable Man," J"ust Because of Who We Are"

Thursday : Field trip to Commencement Art Gallery and Tacoma Art Museum. Leave 12:30 from the Circle; return to TESC by 5:00.

Week 3-Documentary: Brandon, Cancellor, Marc, David, Nate

Reading: Silva and Rodriguez, Cine-Sociology and Social Change, Solanas and Getino, Toward a Third Cinema, Espinosa, For an Imperfect Cinema, Nichols 134-198.

Viewing: Silva and Rodriguez, "Love, Women and Flowers," Frike, "Baraka," Reggio, "Koyaanisqatsi"

Thursday 2:30-5:00: Proposal and research paper writing

Week 4-Experimental Film: Brianna, Lindsay, Wade, Kristi, Asa

Reading: Small, Direct Theory, ch. 1-5, Youngblood, Art, Entertainment, Entropy, Talens, "Introduction" and Script of Un Chien Andalou.

Viewing: Dali, "Un Chien Andalou (The Andalusian Dog)," Marcel Duchamp, "Anemic Cinema," Maya Deren, "Meshes of the Afternoon," Kenneth Anger, "Scorpio Rising," Barbara Hammer, "Optic Nerve."

Thursday 2:00-5:00: Film presentations

Assignments: Research Paper Outline due

Week 5-Ethnography: Ben, Trevor, Christine, Julie, Sanae, Sara, Justin, Stefani, Troy, Corinna

Reading: Nichols, Pornography, Ethnography and the Discourses of Power, Young, Observational Cinema, MacDougal, Beyond Observational Cinema, Trinh, Outside In, Inside Out.

Viewing: Chagnon and Asch, "The Ax Fight," Marshall, "N!ai: Story of a !Kkung Woman," Trinh, "Reassemblage."

Thursday 2:30-5:00: TBA

Week 6-Ethnography Reading: hooks, Is Paris Burning, Flinn, Containing Fire: Performance in Paris is Burning, Fuchs, "Hard to Believe: Reality AnxietiesÉ" 190-196, Masayesva, "Kwikwilyaqa: Hopi Photography".

Viewing: Livingston, "Paris is Burning," Victor Masayesva, "Itam Hakim Hopiit "

Assignments: first draft of research paper due

Week 7-Experimental Video: Andrew, Ryan, Gabe, Dan, Aaron, Martin, Jon, Asa

Reading: Small ch. 6, Resolutions: Tamblyn, "Qualifying the Quotidian: Artist's Video and the Production of Social Space" by Christine Tamblyn, Turim, "The Image of Art in Video" , Kogawa, "Video: The Access Medium" , James, "Lynn Hershman: The Subject of Autobiography" , Albertini, "Longing for Real Life", Bellour, "The Images of the World".

Viewing: "Art of Memory," Viola, "I Do Not Know What it is That I am Like,"Hershman, "Electronic Diary," music videos

Thursday 9:30-5:00: Set-up Installation/Audio Projects
(Everyone should view all installations by Thursday morning of week 8)

Assignments: synopsis of project proposal due

Week 8-Self-Representation: Tiffany, Melissa, Sindi, Julia, Michelle, Heathre Reading: In Resolutions, Sturken, "The Politics of Video Memory: Electronic Erasures and Inscriptions" and Renov, "Video Confessions", Suderbug, "The Electronic Corpse: Notes for an Alternative Language of History and Amnesia" .

Viewing: Vanalyne Green, "Trick or Drink", Sue Friedrich, "The Ties That Bind", Margaret Stratton, "Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die"

Thursday 9:30-5:00: Discuss installation/audio projects

Week 9-Video Activism: Emmeline, Morgen, Tyler, Mark, Carrie

Reading: Resolutions, Bordowitz, "Operative Assumptions", Zimmerman "Fetal Tissue: Reproductive Rights and Activist Amateur Video", Burnett, "Video: The Politics of Culture and Community"

Viewing: TBA

Assignments: Final draft of research paper due.

Week 10: Presentations

Tuesday 9:30-5 Recital Hall, TBA
Wednesday 9:30-1 L1308
Thursday 9:30-5 L1316

Week 11: Conferences

Full draft of proposal due Monday of week 11.

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