Foundations III

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6/2  I just found out I have a 4:00 meeting in Puyallup that is of a now or never variety that I just cannot miss. It is unlikely that I will be able to be in early tomorrow. I am very sorry about this, and will still try to get there early, but...  I may give you more time if you need after 8.

6/2  We will be having the final for the first 2 hours of class next time. I will come early (at about 5:40) so if you would like more time feel free to come then. Also, if you only want to retake a few sections of the final, then feel free to come to class at 7 or even later.  After 8 we will take a quick look at VB and the design and software engineering implications of this product. Make sure you have your programs completed.  Check for style (indents, spacing...) and comments on your code.  Also come with a time for your evaluation, which will be the following Tuesday. I will be meeting with Cyndi at 5:30, so you can get in before 6 if you like. Be sure to email or call me (253-984-1276) if you are having trouble reviewing for the final.

5/29 I have posted a Sample Final on the website under Sessions/June 3. I have the evaluation questions I will have and sample test questions that will determine my adjectives. Make sure you spend some time reviewing. Make sure you only answer the questions you want to improve your current assessment on. Make sure you have Rollodex, Ordered Linked List, and BST programs ready to turn in next time.  Also, if you added anything to the 8 puzzle program I would love to see that also.

5/23 We will be spending next class period going over question on the BST example from last class. We will also have a quiz on recursion read and write along wlith Big O. Use WebX and email me with questions.  We will spend the remaining time on Tuesday working with the 8 puzzle. I have been online frequently this week.  Look for me with IM questions.

5/21 I did not get around to handing back you last quizzes last night.  I will bring them next time, but email me if you need to know how you did sooner. We had a pretty full night yesterday evening. Lots of stuff to digest. Please study the recursion and Big O, but also the BST example. Ask questions via WebX and email me also.. What does this code do? Be SURE you can follow the flow of control. What happens next? Understand the existing BST code before you try to tweak it to write the new code, which will put names and ages in a BST by age.  Add an ability to find a name given an age.   If you are in good shape with all these things, your challenge is the 8 puzzle.  We will work on that one together next time, along with questions about BST and our quiz. I have added a discussion group for BST and 8 puzzle.

5/20 We will go over the test questions for Recursion and Big O tonight, but we will NOT have a test on them tonight.  I want to make sure you have these concepts down.  I will defer the test.  We will also spend some time in review, so have questions ready.  New material tonight will be trees and we will start on a big project called the 8 puzzle.

5/15   Make sure you are looking at WebX.  There are discussion groups there to ask questions and get answers to Big O, Recursion read and write problems.  It only works if folks participate. I answered one of Tuanís questions here for Big O. I would like you to discuss a problem first. Mulling over the problem is better than memorizing an answer.  Also, let me know if you can get a copy of VB6 by next time. If we all cannot obtain one, we will spend a day on VB6 but continue with data structures, AI, and the like..

5/12   I have posted the answer (in red) for the LStruc test question on the Sessions/May 6 page. Look at it and email me with question. I will post the answers to the other test questions soon.  Look at WebX for student answers.

5/8  I just updated the Test Prep link for Sessions/May 6. This will be what is covered in the exam next time.  Post your answers to these question on WebX, and, as always, email me with questions.

5/7  I have just posted a WebX discussion group to post your answers to the test question for May 6, asking you to make the classes needed to store an advanced linked structure.  Find this structure on the class website under Sessions/May 6/LStruc.  I have some challenging quesions here as well, but the only test question will be to make the classes.  I will be looking at your answers, but if you have questions after reading and responding to student posts, please email me directly.

5/4  If you are reading this, you do not NEED to be reading this.. but many folks are not checking this page often enough. Look here 3-5 times per week at least, since here is where I make class announcements.  Also, WebX needs more exercise.  Post answers to questions and critique otherís responses. Doing well on the exams requires practice. WebX can be a great way to explore what is going on, but dont forget to email me if you do not get resolution. I have been online

5/2  Since I have posted the answers to my questions on Linked Structures, please use the WebX discussion for questions about the posted answers.  You will have a similar set of questions on Tuesday. I have also posted another batch of questions under Sessions/April 29/Test Prep2. Post your answers to these 4 questions here, but ALSO post your own questions to webX. reply to these student questions as well.

5/1  Happy May!  I have posted the answers to the Test Prep website questions for April 29 on the website. Please do NOT look at the answers until you have your answers first. Use WebX to ask and answer questions about what is going on, and email me with unresolved issues. I have also posted 3 new questions without answers. I will also post another linked list soon, and more if needed.

4/30 We will  (By Law) stop instruction by 8:30 next Tuesday so you will have a chance to get individual help on your test questions and your programs. Please come with those questions prepared.  Have at least a version of Rollodex done by class time, and plan to work on improvements in class.  Take a look at the Ordered Linked List program and disect the program on the website that is similar.  Next time we will have a short exam on linked lists, cover some new concepts in linked structures, talk about stacks, queues and trees, and look at Big O, but only until 8:30.  I will post the answers to the 8 questions under Sessions/April 29/Test Prep on Thursday.  I have also posted a WebX discussion where I want you to post your answers to these questions before then.  Look and reply at other studentís answers.  Share code.  I will post a new Linked List series of questions on Thursday.  Use the Rollodex discussion group in WebX to ask questions and post code segments you have questions on.  Email me also. If you need me to look at code, please send me the entire program and a description of the problem

4/28 Make sure you try to solve the practice test problem posted on WebX for April 29. Look at other solutions and compare them with the example on the website for Christmas trees. Email me with unresolved questions.  Also come with questions about rollodex on Tuesday. It will be due the following session.

4/24 I have posted an example test question on WebX, called Test Prep for April 29.  Please reply to the question with your attempt. Julie has a good start.  Look at and comment on other studentís code and email me with unresolved questions. Study the example for Christmas Trees first on the website.  I will post more questions upon request, but want to make sure this initial one is well used first. Use WebX also to post your ideas and questions about Rollodex.  Try to run the sample Java Applications using GUIs and come up with some questions for next Tuesday, or email me if you prefer. Also try to get the file program running. Again, generate questions. I will spend some time going over them in more detail next class. It will be very important to try examples of writing Java methods using arrays of classes.  Try to solve the WebX one, but also look again at the one we did in class and the Xmas tree one. I can post more if you like, but the process is the same as with the array of integers with only minor data access changes.

4/21 I have checked WebX and there were not replied to the sample test question I put under Arrays of Classes.  I posted a reply to an email from Al, but please post your own answers and question.  There is a more difficult question posted as well.  Come with an idea of what you want to do for your rollodex program on Tuesday. We will have more in-class time, but you will need to have questions ready. We will have a short test, then cover private variable, get/set methods,  processing methods, and files/GUI for Java Applications. I will postpone Big O for a week. Be ready to turn in Magic Square on Tuesday.  Turn in the .java and a sample run of a 5 by 5 and a 9 by 9 Magic Square. I have emailed James a copy of an algorithm, as a response to several of his questions. You can email him or WebX him about this.

4/16 I have posted a sample test question for next time on WebX.  I have also posted a challenging one with 3 levels to look at. The example on the April 15 website is valid, but you will not need to worry about private variables and the get/set methods. We will also postpone the question about writing a method to process an array of classes. Please take a look at the answer, however, for the Tree example. It might make some sense.  I will be online this Thursday evening, but am online ofter during the day and other times in the evening also.  If you cannot reach me, call me at 253-984-1276 or email me with a time to talk via IM. Have Magic Square ready to turn in next time.  Print a dump of a 5 by 5 and a 9 by 9 square.  You have a WebX discussion to get help on MS.   Do not post your working code, but post code segments or problems code to get help. Try to have a design for your Rollodex program by next class.

4/13 Make sure you have practiced reading 2 dim array code and writing java methods using arrays. We will have an exam on these 2 items at the beginning of class.  If you are having problems, use WebX to paste your code and errors.  If you cannot get help here, email me.  Please spend some time on WebX both getting and giving help. It will be very helpful for you to help other students with their errors, and will be great practice reading and understanding code. Make sure you come with Craps ready. Turn in the .java, a couple of screen dumps of sample runs, and a run evaluation (how does it work).   I will answer questions about Magic Square on Tuesday also.

4/11 I have posted a couple more example programs for writeing methods with arrays.  Make sure you test yourself on these before you try the exam on Tuesday.  If you are not able to correctly solve one of this (or others) then share code and email me if you cannot get help. Also, share your correct code on webx (not for Craps, though)   In the same mannor, make sure you can get the correct output for the reading of 2 dimensional arrays code. Turn in Craps.java,  a couple of screen dumps, and a run evaluation in class on Tuesday.

4/7  Make sure you are making progress on Craps. Remember this site:  http://academic.evergreen.edu/curricular/java/html/methods.html

This has a similar program broken down into methods and done in small intervals. There are about 9 different programs, each illustrating a new idea you can use.  Make sure you are ready for the 2 exams on Tuesday- reading code and reading code with methods.   We will work on arrays, methods, and 2 dim. arrays this Tuesday.  Make sure you are using WebX, but do NOT post your solutions here. You can post part of your code for questions and answers, but I want each of you to write your own code. You will turn in the .java, an output of your program, and an eval of your run next week.   Have questons prepared for this week on Craps.

4/3  I have been looking at WebX and there has not been much activity yet. Please take some time to post and answer questions here.  If you need me directly, email me, but first try to get help via WebX.  I can add other discussion groups as well upon request. You will need practice to master the reading code questions, and you will probably run into problems.  Also, Craps will present some challenges. Do not put it off too long. Some extensions to Craps would be: multiple plays, error checks,  break the bank or bankrupt, new rules, etc..  I will be online tonight for IM.

4/2  I have posted a start to your Craps program on WebX under Craps Help.  Make sure you run the example programs under Methods on the Java website. I will be glad to post other example test programs if you need them.  Just ask. Remember, though, you can tweak them yourself by changing a few variables. I will be online tomorrow from 5:30-7:30 or so, but I will be online many other times as well. Check in if you need help.

Welcome to Spring Quarter. I will post announcements here when I need to communicate with the entire class. Please check this page several times each week.




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