Introduction to Natural Science
INS Physics: Spring 2003

Last Updated: 5/30/03

Faculty Name: Cathy French
Office location: Lab II, 2251
Office phone: 360-867-6146
E-mail address:

Lecture: Monday 1-3, Wednesday 10:30-1, LH5
Office hours: After lecture and by appointment
In lab hours: Friday 12-3

Physics, Fifth Edition.J. D. Cutnell & K. W. Johnson. John Wiley & Sons, New York. ISBN: 0-471-32146-X.

During spring quarter, we will study topics in algebra-based physics, including electricity, magnetism, and light (portions of Chapters 18-27).  Evaluations for the physics segment of INS will be based on: (1) attendance and participation in lectures and workshops; (2) performance on homework assignments; and (3) performance on a midterm and final exam.

There will be one homework assignment per week with approximately 10 problems per assignment. The homework is numbered according to the week it is assigned. Please include the homework number on your assignment. Each completed problem should include the following headings: Given, Wanted, Solution. Homework will be due the week after it is assigned on Wednesday by 3:30.

Physics lab is optional during spring quarter. Students may take 1-4 credits of lab. To enroll in the physics lab you must enroll in the physics lecture.

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Answers to Practice Questions for Final: 
1b, 2b, 3b, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7b, 8a
Tips for Understanding Equations

Spring Quarter Focus:
Problem Solving

1. College Algebra
2. Knowledge of Excel for graphing data and functions
3. Trigonometry of right triangles
4. Vectors
5. Some background in Newtonian mechanics

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LECTURES -- Last Updated 5/30/03
(subject to change as the quarter progresses)

1 Mon., Mar. 31 Introduction to spring quarter, electric charge, electric force Chap. 18 (18.1-18.5)
 HW #1
with answers
Tues., Apr. 1
Student-led review of winter quarter final exam
  Wed., Apr. 2 Insulators and conductors, Coulomb's law
WORKSHOP: Fun with vectors -- Brief Answers
Chap. 18
Review of sections 1.7-1.9
2 Mon., Apr. 7 NO LECTURE  
  Wed. Apr. 9 Electric fields, capacitors Chap. 18
HW #2
with answers
3 Mon., Apr. 14 Electric potential difference, capacitance Chap. 19
(parts of 19.1-2, 19.4-6)
HW #3
with answers
  Wed., Apr. 16 Direct current, resistance, Ohm's law
WORKSHOP: Circuits-- Brief Answers
Chap. 20
4 Mon. Apr. 21 Series and Parallel Circuits Chap. 20 (20.6-8)
HW 4
not graded
  Wed., Apr. 23 Power, AC/DC, Kirchoff's laws, RC circuits
WORKHOP: Circuits-- Brief Answers
Chap. 20* (20.4-5,20.10-11)  
5 Mon., Apr. 28 REVIEW  
  Wed., Apr. 30 MIDTERM EXAM
6 Mon., May 5 Magnetism, magnetic force and fields, relation to electric current Chap. 21
 HW 6
with answers
  Wed., May 7 WORKSHOP: Magnetics Chap. 21
(same sections as above)
7 Mon., May 12 Examples (Ex. 12, Chap. 21),
Electromagnetic Induction, Transformers
Chap. 22 (22.1, 22.9)
 HW 7
with answers
  Wed., May 14 Transformers in electric power transmission, wrap-up of magnetism 
VIDEO: Magnetism
Chap. 22 (same sections as above)
8 Mon., May 19 Electromagnetic waves Chap. 24 (24.1-3)
HW 8
with answers
  Wed., May 21 Properties of light
Guest: Peter Robinson
VIDEOS: Maxwell's Equations and Optics
Chaps. 25-26 (portions of 25.1-3, 26.1-3, 5-8)  
9 Mon., May 26 HOLIDAY
  Wed., May 28 Wave nature of light
Guest: Peter Robinson
Chap. 27 (27.1-2)
10 Mon., June 2 REVIEW 
1:00 - 3:00 LH 5
Tues., June 3 REVIEW
11:00 - 12:30 LH 5
  Wed., June 4 FINAL EXAM
9:00 - 1:00 LH 5
INS Party After Exam 
Lib 4300

*I recommend that you read all of Chapter 20. The parts that aren't covered in lecture
might be helpful in understanding the parts that are covered.