The Science of Sport


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Class Meets Monday evenings - 5:30 - 9:30   in CAB 108

   Course Texts:
                        The Cartoon Guide to Physics  by Larry Gonik & Art Huffman * a copy will be on
                            open reserve at library
                            isbn = 0-06-273100-9
                            Biomenchanics of Sport and Exercise by Peter McGinnis
                            isbn = 0-87322-955-X
                        Taboo by Jon Entine

 Course Goals:
                            Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to:
                            1. Define the terms biomechanics, statics, dynamics, kinematics, and kinetics
                            and explain the ways in which they are related.
                            2. Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative approaches for analyzing
                            human movement.
                            3. Provide examples of linear, angular, and general forms of motion.
                            4. Identify and describe the different types of mechanical loads that act on the
                            human body.

 Course Policies:
                            Material will be presented primarily in the form of lectures, readings assignments
                            from the text, and occasionally films. Lecture will cover the points to be learned
                            and will direct your study from the text, however some material will be presented
                            in class that is not in the text. Thus, you should attend class, pay attention while
                            there, and take notes of material covered. You should plan on 2 hours of study
                            outside of class for every hour in lecture. The material in the latter part of the
                            course will be based upon material presented in the first part of the course,
                            therefore you will have to truly  understand earlier material.
                            Your progress will be determined based upon your overall knowledge of the above
                            objectives,class participation and ability to apply class room theory.  A term long project
                            will also be evaluated.

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