Paris, Dakar, Fort de France: Voices of Revolution and Tradition
2003-2004: Fall, Winter, Spring
Last Updated: 27 January 2004

Spring Quarter in France

Our work for spring quarter will focus on answering the question, What does it mean to be French?

You will travel first to Rennes, where you will study French language in a small language and culture institute and learn about Breton culture while living with French families. A field trip to Mont St. Michel is planned as well. Then, you will spend a week in Paris making full use of a 5-day museum pass and completing assignments that will help you see the city in historical and semiotic perspectives. Finally, you will travel to Lyon, the second largest city of France, where you will have classes with Stacey Davis and Susan Fiksdal on French and Francophone literature and history, French language, and sociolinguistics. Your final project will be an ethnography synthesizing your understanding of the quarter's work.

Here are the time periods:

April 12-24, 2004 Rennes (2 weeks)
April 24-May 2 Paris (1 week)
May 2-June 4 Lyon (5 weeks)

Pre-Departure Required Meetings:
Monday, February 23, 2004 3:10-4:00 Lib 1308
Monday, March 8, 2004 3:10-4:00 Lib 1308

Important Links:

- Covenant
- Consular Information Sheet
- Letters for Host Families Guidelines
- Travel Tips: Money, packing, safety, comfort.
- Jeremy's Tips: Traveling, purchasing tips. (Word Documents)
- Financial Aid Estimate: Itemized breakdown. (Word Documents) (Updated Jan 22)

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