Contemporary Social Issues: Analyzing Critically, Arguing Persuasively

Fall and Winter, 2004-05

Weekly Schedule for Winter Quarter



9:30 - 11:30

All program meeting, for lecture or workshop.

Seminar 2 A1105


12:30 - 3:00

Seminars meet to discuss assigned readings

Sem 2 - A2109, A3107, A3109


10:00 - 11:30

Seminars continue to discuss assigned readings

Seminar 2 - B2109, B3107, B3109

12:30 - 2:30

Workshop on readings, or Legislative Hearings project, or student presentations, other activities (see syllabus)

Seminar 2 A1105

Wednesday and Thursday

Students will spend one of these days (a full day) interning in a service agency or school. The other day is for study and preparation.



10:00 - 1:00

Varied events: lectures, LHP group work, seminar groups, LHP presentations... (see syllabus for details)

Seminar 2 D1105


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