Contemporary Social Issues: Analyzing Critically, Arguing Persuasively

Fall and Winter, 2004-05

Faculty: Stephanie Coontz, Dan Leahy, Charles Pailthorp

Announcements (by date posted):


Feb. 18:
Written testimony for the LHPs is due on Monday, Feb. 28. While the list of writing assignments said this, the syllabus had said "Tuesday" until I made the correction this morning. [---Chuck]

Feb. 16:
Dan has written up a report on the "World Crisis Simulation Game" we played on Feb. 15. It will download as a .pdf file.

Feb. 13:
On Sunday there will be a celebration for Eden Shirman in Seattle at Daybreak Star Indian Celebration Center.
The event is at 2:00 and planned as a celebration in his memory - music, good company and memories. Musicians should bring their instruments.

Jan. 31:
This Friday, Feb. 4, Stephanie will conduct an optional workshop on writing to be heard, rather than read. Meet in the usual time and place - Sem 2 D1105 at 10am.

Jan. 10:
Writing assignments are now posted on the assignments page.

Jan. 9:
Potluck at Chuck's on Sunday at 5:30 - directions

Jan. 3:
First class of winter quarter begins at 9am, Sem 2 A1105.

Dec. 22:
Here are the winter quarter seminars.

Dec. 13:
The nation-state groups have been formed. Please see the assignments page about this work to be done over break. Free advice: get started on Fromkin soon.

Dec. 8:
LHP possible topics and groups that students identified on Dec. 7 are now posted. Names are linked to email contacts, for most students. I you want to make additions or corrections, please email Chuck.

Dec. 2:
Links to several articles in the news that are relevant to our studies are now found on "The Press" page.

Dec. 1:
The winter quarter schedule, syllabus, book list etc. are now posted. We will enroll a small number of new students, provided they meet our expectations and requirements for new students.

Nov. 29. Link to Study questions for exam on Dec. 10.

October 28:
The Economic Policy Institute has just published The State of Working America 2004/2005. On this web page you will find .pdf files for fact sheets on Income, Wages, Jobs, Wealth, Poverty, CEO pay, Minorities, Women, Inequality, Work Hours, and U.S. and the World (International Comparisons). Join the ranks of the best informed... all for free!

October 18: Chuck's conference schedules and seminar leader assignments will be found by way of a link from the bottom of the "Seminar Lineup" page (link to this page from "Weekly Schedule" or" Fall Syllabus").

October 18: "The Harlem Project" has been added to the syllabus for Friday, Oct. 22. This is a .pdf file that should download when you follow the link. You will need Acrobat Reader or some other such program to read and print this file.

October 16: Representatives of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers from Immokalee, Florida will come to class on Oct. 19 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm to discuss their Anti-Slavery Campaign.

October 4: We are adding the following title to the curriculum - Best, Joel. Damned Lies and Satistics. U. of Calif. Press, 2001. ISBN 0-520-21978-3 It will be available in the bookstore soon.

September 30: A list of the service internships is now posted on the service internships page. Please see if your name is where it should be. If not, send an email to Chuck. If you have arranged your own position, also send an email to Chuck with the details.

September 27: Please read and sign the Program Covenant. You will find a link to this document on the program home page.

September 21: Some of us will attend (it's optional): Daniel Ellsberg and Medea Benjamin - Wednesday, Sept. 29 - Olympia Film Society (Capital Theater), 7pm "What’s at Stake: A Presidential Election of a Lifetime" KAOS / KOWA Benefit. $5 in advance, ($4 for groups of 15+), $7 door. Tickets: Rainy Day, Orca Books, (We expect to have $4 tickets available.)

September 2: Our first class will be on Monday, Sept. 27th at 10 am, Seminar II A1105. The first readings are an essay by Susan Strasser, for Sept. 28th, and Rothstein's book, The Way We Were? We will discuss this book in seminar on Oct. 1.

August 23: Our curriculum includes interning one day week in a service agency or school. For most places, this will require having had a tuberculosis vaccination within the last two years. Please take care of this, and bring certification with you, before classes begin.

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