Contemporary Social Issues: Analyzing Critically, Arguing Persuasively

Fall and Winter, 2004-05

Legislative Hearing Projects
Topics mentioned on Dec. 7, 2004

person to email
Possible questions and interests
possibly interested
Abbey J-Q drug addiction/treament How to treatment programs and crimnal justice systems interact? William B
Allen K WA tort reform, medical liability    
Anders I-N corporate personhood   Teresa G, Clea P, Spencer McQ.
Anita G Gay marriage legalization constitutional issues  
AnneMarie M
indigent populations;
policies, needs from police and homeless perspective



Beth W poverty and the living wage What would be a living wage? Becky?
Caroline H Euthanasia, education    
Christina B (no email over break) Education reform, WASL, Living Wage    
Christine P Evironmentlal or other more radical current WA legislation Organizing with institutions and grassroots organizations; working on the legislation  
Claudia F-O Education, Headstart
sex-ed: abstinence only
  Caroline, Jessica, Emily, Katrina; or, for sex-ed, Rachel, Kyle, Jane
Clea P Globalization/ corporate personhood   Spencer McQ, Anders I-N, Teresa G
Crystal M stem-cell research and legalization not just Bush administration policies; how science and religion bear on issues  
Dalia G Poverty: the people revolution Social welfare; Patriot Act; welfare rights William B?
Danny B Church and State; corporations (?)   David H, Katrina K, Garth J
David H Church and State???   Danny B, Katrina K, Garth J
Emily V Education testing/ magnet schools/ alternative schools  
Garth J abortion rights?/ Church and State   Danny B, Katrina K, David H
Graham S gay marriage Are there any secular arguments against gay marriage?

Anita G, Joshua McK

Grahm W-P WA State narcotics laws and reform; programs addressed to addiction Legalize? What programs work?  
Ivan G Calendar reform  

Jane B

sex-ed: abstinence only
death penalty

Does abstinence only sex-ed reduce teen pregancies and incidence of STDs?

Is capital punishment cruel and unusual treatment?

Rachel S
Jessica C Education or drug treatment WASL/Alternative schools/ Charter Schools/ drug treatment and incarceration Emily V
Joshua McK gay marriage usual constitutional issues Clea P, Anita G, Graham S?
Julie H

abortion law
sex-ed/birth control in schools

sexual health  
Kate H child support reform;
children's rights;
women's rights; poverty
Katrina K
(360) 340-8831
Church and State
gay and lesbian rights
"under god"? Prayer in schools Danny B, David H, Garth J
Kyle A education;
sex-ed in schools;
corporate personhood
  Jessica C, Emily V;
Rachel S, Julie H;
Anders I-N
Mary-Rain O social safety net- affordable housing; child care or living wage Reducing poverty and aspects of the struggles of the working poor  
Rachel S sex-ed in schools: abstinence v. med./emo./health truth;
abortion rights
how sex-education impacts teen pregnancy and how that impacts abortion rights, contraceptive options and medical care Julie H, Jane B, Kyle A, Tom S?
Rebecca (Becky) G wage, labor rights
corporate personhood
  Anders I-N (for corp. personhood)
Spencer McQ globalization
corporate personhood
  Terssa G, Anders I-N, Clea P
Teresa G globalization/ corporate policy illegal immigrants in the economy; wage and labor rights; fair trade; corporate policy Clea P, Spencer McQ, Anders I-N
Thomas S abortion; drugs; euthanasia; prison reform and poverty    
William B prison-industrial complex; poverty   Abbey J-Q




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