Molecule to Corporation: Fall 2004

Dr. Andrew Brabban, Lab II 2261, x6157,

1st Class Meeting Monday 9AM Seminar II 2109
Text: There is no set textbook for the class. We will be reading papers, patents etc and some chapter from texts I will place in the lab. I will also provide some references texts in the lab for you to look up general questions that might arise.

Lab Handout: Bring to class every Monday. I will post on Friday mroning the week before.

Links: I will add links here as we go along, some specific some more general.
General Links:
Yahoo Finance 
Motley Fool 
US patent database
NCBI/NIH Pubmed 
NCBI/NIH Blast Database 

Specific Links:

Class Times: Are detailed in the documents below.
Academic Fair Handout:
This weeks Handout


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