Matter and Minerals - Announcements

Important Reminders: Download the winter quarter schedule in PDF format.
First class meeting for Matter and Minerals students: Monday, week 1, 4 p. m. in Sem IIA, 1105.
First class meeting for "Minerals Science" students: Tuesday, Week 1, 1 p.m in Lab II, 3209 (geology lab).

Winter Quarter:
We are looking forward to seeing you on the first day of classes. Just for your information, here is the final chemistry exam from the Introduction to Natural Science program. Enjoy your break!

Archived Announcements:
Week 10: Weather alert!!
If the college is open on Friday, we will conduct the exams (chemistry and geology). If you are unable to get to the college safely, please stay home. We will see you on Monday instead.
If the college is closed on Friday, the exams will be on Monday. Check the Geology Lab to find out times and locations (I will also try to post on the web).

Be sure to read - What you need to do to receive credits
Week 9

Check the Thanksgiving Week schedule (week 9 for our program)
Joe Wagner (chemistry tutor) has some changes in tutor hours for weeks 7 & 8. He will change his Wednesday help sessions to Thursday, 5-7. Back to the regular schedule starting week 9.Please submit your chemistry lab notebooks, workshop folders and homework by Monday of week 10 (the latest). The sooner you get them to me, the better.
There is no pre-lab for week 10 chemistry lab.
Chemistry final exam will be on Friday of week 10 from 9-11 in Lab I, 1050.
Week 8
Chemistry multiple choice test (closed book) is on Friday 9-11, Week 8 in Lab I, 1050.
Week 7
Chemistry multiple choice test (closed book) is on Friday 9-11, Week 8 in Lab I, 1050. Geology test is on Wednesday during week 8. There is a calculus test on Thursday as well.
Week 6:
Chemistry multiple choice test (closed book) is on Friday of week 8. Geology test is during week 8.
Final exam for calculus in on Thursday of week 10. Geology and chemistry finals will also be during week 10 (not decided on the schedule yet). Chemistry final will be closed book.
Week 5:

Chemistry Test on Friday of Week 5 from 9.30-11.30 in Lab I, 1050. Bring pen/pencil/eraser and calculators. Paper and periodic tables will be provided.

Week 4:

Field Trip on Friday. Be prepared to spend the whole day on this trip.
Week 3:
Chemistry exam on Friday of Week 5
Week 2:

If you did not attend class last week (for what ever reason) please see the faculty as soon as possible. Otherwise your name will be dropped from the class list by Thursday of Week 2
Week 1:
Our first field trip will be on Friday of Week 4.
Our first chemistry exam will be during Week 5.
Student-faculty covenant
must be signed to receive credits.
Please read the "Operating Procedures" carefully.

Be sure to read the "Summer letter to students"
The fall schedule is now available! Please make sure you note the changes made on the first day of classes.
Be sure that you have your text books. textbook list.

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