Victoria Still Rules
Fall 2005 and Winter 2006
Monday/Wednesday 6:00-9:30
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Tentative syllabus

Week 1

Jan 9 Returning students tell new students about the program to date.
Practice seminar –and discussion of our observations
Jan 11 Interest Groups meet and begin collaborative work. Craft a proposal for
group project to be shared with other groups.

Week 2

Jan 16 HOLIDAY: Martin Luther King day
Jan 18 Interest groups share proposals. Seminar on Nineteenth Century Britain (Essay due)

Week 3

Jan 23 Bleak House workshop
Jan 25 Interest groups meet; Karen on evolutionary biology, biogeography

Week 4

Jan 30 Film: Oliver Twist; seminar on film
Feb 1 Bleak House workshop
Liberal Arts Forum—discussion of Eric Foner’s essay, “American Freedom in a Global Age” (handout)

Week 5

Feb 6 Interest groups meet, share what they’ve learned from their assigned text; Evolutionary Biology talk (Karen)
Feb 8 Bleak House seminar (Essay due)
Feb 12 (Sunday) Field Trip for 12 credit students

Week 6

Feb 13 The Molecules of Life!; Nature’s Government (read Part II; Part I is suggested/recommended)
Feb 15 Interest groups meet; Lori on her visit to Kew; Susan: Lecture on the Arts and Crafts Movement, Nature’s Government

Week 7

Feb 20 HOLIDAY (no class)
Feb 22 Guest: Dr. Cynthia Sagers, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville: research uses of museums and herbaria; Karen - vicarious voyage to Aotearoa
Feb 26 (Sunday) Field Trip for 12 credit students Washington State History Museum. Begins with seminar—On Exhibit (the whole book), then tour of museum.

Week 8

Feb 27 Interest groups meet. Nature’s Government (Essay due)
(start reading Mauve, if you haven't)
Mar 1 Poetry: ”Dover Beach,” by Matthew Arnold; “A Musical Instrument,” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning; “Jabberwocky,” by Lewis Carroll; “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” by Oscar Wilde. Seminar: Mauve (Essay due)

Week 9

March 6 Interest Group Presentations
March 8 Evaluation Workshop;
City of Dreadful Delight
(read: Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, 5, 7); seminar (Essay due)

Week 10

March 13 Interest Group Presentations
March 15 Interest Group Presentations; Program Reflection; Potluck




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