Arts, Environment and the Child: Walking the Wheel of the Seasons


The relationship between humans and nature is at the very core of our existence. Children and adults often lose their connection with nature in education that strives to make us more "civilized." Animals, plants, rocks, clouds and even microbes could be considered sentient beings. Children often intuitively know this and, as adults, we can be consciously re-awakened to this. In the program we will explore how deeper experience of nature's movement through the seasons can enrich our lives. We will also explore ways in which we can support children and strengthen their connection and understanding of nature's seasonal transformations. Our curriculum will include nature observation and journaling, plant study, cultural perspectives on health care and botanical medicine as well as practical skills with medicinal plants and gardens, consideration of calendars, creation of festivals, and practice of expressive arts inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature. We will also spend time with children in schools sharing what we have learned and learning from what children bring to us. Our time together will be a celebration!

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