Arts, Environment and the Child: Walking the Wheel of the Seasons

Weekly Guide

Spring Quarter,

Week 7:

May 17, 6-9 pm Liberal Arts Forum in the TESC Lohghouse on Healing Plants and Humans is a part of Spring Star Stories and Songs of Puget Sounds series. See poster for events and dates.

Winter Quarter

Week 1:
Welcome to our program's forms. They are in pdf format and can be opened by clicking on the link.

Project Introduction Winter 06, Covenant, Syllabus, Classroom contract, Activity Waiver, Winter Nature Journal, Winter Gardening, HSR Informed Consent, UP Credit in Botany.

Week 2:

For our Wednesday www workshop please have your TESC password and log-in. If you don't have them, please register ASAP. If you are having trouble registering contact the consultants at the TESC Computer Center ASAP.

It is important to finish all the paperwork this week.
HSR Informed Consent
Field Activity Waiver

On Saturday please bring a blank journal with unlined pages to start your Winter Nature Journal. Also bring colored pencils and a good pen; Micron 02 pen is highly recommended.

Come to school at 8:30 am sharp if you want to make your Nature Journal in class.

Week 3:

On Wednesday we will have a seminar and talk about Literacy and Calendars. Please read the chapter on Reading in How Children Learn by J. Holt and the copy of the chapter Ying/Yang from Alphabet Versus the Goddess from Shlain,

Please see the Guide for Week 3 and additional comments.

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