What's Cookin?

The Science of Food

Fall 05 & Winter 06

Peter Pessiki,PhD Cindy Beck,ND

pessikip@evergreen.edu ***** cbeck@evergreen.edu

Class Meets: Lab II Room 3216 on Monday & Wednesday evenings – 6 – 10 pm

Required Texts : Perspectives in Nutrition 6th ed by Wardlaw, Hampl & DiSilvestro

Fundamentals of General, Organic & Biological Chemistry 4 th ed by McMurry & Castellion

Special Expenses: $20 lab fee

Chemistry labs require the use of goggles, and they are usually available in lab, but you can purchase your own pair in the bookstore for under $5. A basic calculator will also be required.


Fall Schedule

Fall Syllabus

Fall Chemistry Homework Assignments

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Winter Schedule

If you are joining the class winter quarter - please review chapters 12, 13 & 14 in General, Organic & Biochemistry Text

Winter Syllabus


Course Description:

This 8 credit, two quarter long science program will explore food from a number of different perspectives. Using lectures, readings and the laboratory students will develop the skills needed to understand the chemical composition and nutritional values of food. Using the organic farm we will explore the growing and production of foods. By participating in local festivals students will gain an understanding of how food and the environment are related.

Credits will be awarded in chemistry, food science and nutrition.


The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA