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In the Fall, 2005, Sarah Williams offered the program "Reading Jouissance as Ananda." This program is the precursor to "Awareness." Below is the link to that program's web page. It contains many helpful elements:

The websites for last year's Awareness programs are available here:
Awareness, winter, 2006
Awareness, spring, 2006

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society home page
"Sensing Sophia in Illich’s Vineyard: Developing Evergreen’s Curriculum through Collegiality," Sarah and Bill's grant proposal that was funded by the Center.

Pudel Research Group, Bremen, Germany:

David Tinapple's archive:
Jerry Brown's "We the People" website:
Statement on AGRICULTURE
Statement after "Renounce Health?"
Declaration on Soil
Statement from Celebration of Awareness
Online encyclopedia article on life & views of education: 
Erich Fromm's introduction (on "humanist radicalism") to Illich's Celebration of Awareness
Two chapters from Arney's Thoughts out of School: Don Finkel's lecture (chapter 35) is a good commentary on Illich and is related to issues in Teacher's Way, chapter 4
Aaron Falbel's "Learning, Yes, of Course. Education, No, Thank you."
Aaron Falbel's Linzer Torte recipe.
Rebecca Solnit,"The Uses of Disaster," Harper's Magazine, October, 2005, complementary to Falbel's comment, "Sometimes it takes an earthquake, a tornado ... for people to act as true neighbors" in "The Mess We're In."
Illich's Gender: Criticism in Feminist Issues 3 (a .pdf file). You can get the basic argument of Gender from "The Sad Loss of Gender." The full Berkeley seminar is on reserve in the Evergreen Library.
Jules Feiffer cartoon. "I bend, I bow..."

Wiki-pedia entry
Brief Time magazine profile.
Review of The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy by Martha C. Nussbaum, by Paul B. Woodruff Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 50, No. 1 (Sep., 1989), pp. 205-210, available through the TESC library online (use JSTOR to get review).
Transcript of online discussion of Upheavals in Thought: The Intelligence of the Emotions.
"What makes Martha run?" a useful overview in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Good introductory reviews of Women and Human Development.
"Capabilities as Fundamental Entitlements": an introduction to her "central human capabilities approach" to assessing quality of life, a measure central to her concerns about human development. See page 11 for the list.


See the "lectio" page: Lectio

Tony Buzan's webpage:
Examples from fall program (Sarah Williams's "Reading Jouissance as Ananda") that used mind maps:
Peter Russell's page on mind maps:

Mike King & Jnani: "The term jnani means seer, or one who has pursued spiritual growth through wisdom or insight. It is used as a noun to describe a type of person, or an individual like Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), and is also used as an adjective to indicate the concepts and practices of a particular path. In India the term is often contrasted with the term bhakti, meaning devotee or devotion." Start here:
Susan Blackmore's homepage
Christof Koch's homepage
David Chalmer's homepage

Transcendental Airlines
You are not your body.
"All that reaches me is the other..."
What happens when babies go to college

LINKS ON YOGA NIDRA (Richard Miller's site) (16 minute body scan audio mp3) (My favorite nidra CD)

A major, ongoing study of spirituality among college students: "What is the level and intensity of spiritual experiences among today’s college students? How are spiritual searching and behavior changing on campus? And what does this mean for higher education institutions and students? These important questions are being investigated through a multi-year research project that assesses and tracks the spiritual growth of students during their undergraduate college years."
Frequently asked questions:
Useful definitions from Spiritual Directors International:
Statement from Erika Macs, Evergreen: "On Spiritual Direction"


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