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Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey  
Fall, Winter and Spring 2006-07

 Please read the following terms of agreement carefully.  In order to participate in the program, you must agree to comply with these expectations.  Sign this document and return it to the faculty. 

Agreements:  I will participate in the program with my sincere commitment to making the program a satisfying learning experience for everyone involved. I agree to the following terms:

 1)   I understand that I have as much responsibility as everyone in making this a successful program.

2)       I recognize that the nature of intellectual and aesthetic inquiry requires the honest and clear expression of thoughts and feelings, the tolerance of diverse ideas and perceptions, and the willingness to expand on one's own perspective.

3)   I will read all assigned texts with care and on time, and complete and submit all required work by the due date and time.

4)  I trust the integrity of the faculty and support academic freedom in their teaching. 

5)  I am open to constructive criticism of my work by the faculty and fellow students.

6)      I will abstain from socially and academically unacceptable or unpleasant behavior (such as name calling, sexist and racist comments, being dogmatic and intimidating toward others, plagiarism, etc.)

7)  I will not participate in program activities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8)  I understand and agree to the terms concerning credit and evaluation described in the program syllabus.  Credit is not the same thing as evaluation.  To receive credit in this program, a student must meet the minimum standards and requirements.  An evaluation is a narrative of academic performance and achievement. 

a)      Students must notify faculty by the end of 2nd week of the quarter of any pre-existing special needs, academic or health related, that might impact their meeting the minimum standards and requirements

I agree to the following procedure for conflict resolution within the program:   

Step one:  Should a problem arise, the parties involved (including the faculty) are expected to inform each other quickly (that day or the next day on campus) that a problem exists and to initiate a frank and open discussion.  Claims such as "I am not the only one who is having the problem" are unacceptable, unless those others also come forward with the complaint.   

Step two:  If this initial attempt at resolution is not successful, a neutral third party (agreed upon by all involved) will be asked to mediate and seek a resolution within the program.

    St     Step three:  If step two is not successful, the neutral third party will ask the responsible Academic Dean to mediate in seeking resolution.

Participation in this program assumes a commitment to the above process; unilateral actions or statements, discussions with other parties, outside appeals of any kind are not acceptable until this internal process is completed. Your signed agreement to this covenant is required for your participation in the program.      I agree to the above terms and to address our work and lives in the program together with good humor, mutual respect and cooperation. 


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