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Group 1: Jen, Jill, Lisa, Christian, Emily (5)

Group 2: Megan, Missy, Aaron, Chris, Taffy, Tara (6)

Group 3: Chelsea, Lauren, Kevin, Rebecca, Shannon (5)

Group 4: Will, Adrian, Elise, Colin, Courtney (5)

Group 5:

Group 6: Nate, Dan, Molly, Ashley, Allison (5)

Group 7: Aria, Selena, Johann, Jaimie, Jeannie, Bonney (6)

Group 8: Steven, Lucia, Andy, Erin, Stella, Ryan (6)

Group 9: Amanda, Jonathan, Sara, Glynnis, Alex (5)

NOTE: On the day before each of the Writing Workshops (i.e. January 18 and February 1) make enough copies of your paper to distribute to each of your group members plus one more for the faculty. Read the papers prior to coming to the Workshop and then critique them following the protocol established by the “Fishbowl Workshop” that you will participate in on January 19.



 For those of you traveling to Europe in the spring:

1. Be sure and fill out your "Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement" that Michael Clifthorne passed out on Thursday, February 1, and return them ASAP to Pam Udovich in Lab I, room 1020.

2.  Here is the link to the State Department's website on Travel Advisories. Please read the ones on Italy and Greece.  Our secretary, Pam Udovich, will send a copy to the travel dean along with your Travel Waiver Forms.



(Note that some of the dates for the following timeline are still pretty fluid. The dates which are fixed and solid, however, are April 10 (when you need to be in Athens), April 30 (when you need to be in Florence), May 15 (when you need to vacate the housing which will be provided in Florence), and May 30 (when you need to be back on campus in Olympia).

GIALO: Spring quarter trip to Greece and Italy

Proposed Itinerary

 Athens (3 days)

Tuesday 4/10        Arrival in Athens

            Welcome dinner at a local taverna

Wednesday 4/11    Orientation to the program at the Athens Centre

Walking orientation to central Athens
            Walk up Mt. Lycabettus

Thursday 4/12        Acropolis and Acropolis museum

    Evening: overnight ferry to Crete

Crete (6 days)

Friday 4/13        Arrive Heraklion early a.m.

Walking orientation to Heraklion with tomb of Kazantzakis

            Free afternoon in Heraklion

Saturday 4/14        Bus to Knossos

Sunday 4/15        Bus to Phaestos, Aghia Triada, Gortyn

            PM Heraklion   

Monday 4/16        Heraklion Archaeological Museum

            Bus to Malia
            PM Heraklion           

Tuesday 4/17        Bus to Tilissos, Armeni cemetery?

            Continue to Hania

Wednesday 4/18    Hania Museum, old town

            Evening ferry to Piraeus


Athens to Peloponnese (5 days)

Thursday 4/19        Free day in Athens

Friday 4/20        Bus to Nauplion. Visit Corinth, Mycenae

Saturday 4/21        Epidaurus and Tiryns
Sunday 4/22        Bus to Olympia

            Olympia Museum

Monday 4/23        Olympia site

            Olympic games museum

Delphi to Athens (3 days)

Tuesday 4/24        Bus to Delphi with stop at Naupaktos

            Visit to lower site of Delphi

Wednesday 4/25    Delphi museum, upper site 

Thursday 4/26     Hosios Loukas, bus to Athens

Back in Athens (4 days)

Friday 4/27         National Museum

Saturday 4/28         Free day (more museum time / optional trips to

Aegina or Sunion)

Sunday 4/29         Mostly free day in Athens; reports and discussion

Farewell dinner


April 30: Travel to Italy – apartment stays organized

May 1: Orientation: walking tour of Renaissance Florence

May 2: Orientation: Santa Maria Novella & Church of San Lorenzo

May 3: Duomo: either climb to top or visit interior. Visit Baptistery & Duomo Museum

May 4: Cenacolo di Sant' Apollonia and San Marco (10:30 AM)

May 5: Free day. Possible excursion to Sienna

May 6: Free day

May 7: Day trip to Fiesole to visit Etruscan ruins

May 8: Visit Accademia at 10:15 AM

May 9: GalleriesPossible visit to Pisa and Lucca.

May 10: Visit Uffizi Art Gallery (11:30 AM)

May 11: Visit San Miniato

May 12: Free day: Possible excursion to Volterra

May 13: Free day.

May 14: Last day in Florence. Clean apartments.  Farewell dinner.

May 15: Vacate apartments. Beginning of free travel period

May 16: Free travel until May 25

May 30: Meet back at TESC