Student Originated Studies: Media

Winter Syllabus Outline

(Please view the full syllabus on the SOS: Media Drupal site for more detail)

Weekly Schedule
Monday: 9:00am-12:00pm - COM 323, COM 326, MML - Discussions and Skill-Building Workshops
Tuesday: 9:30am-4:30pm - COM 326, COM 408 (Design Lab) - Screening, Presentations, Work-In Progress Critiques

Rough Week-By-Week Syllabus
Week 01: Introductions, individual production plans. Sustaining Creative Practices.
Week 02: Individual conferences.
Week 03-08: DVD production workshops, Work In Progress Critiques.
Week 09: Individual conferences.
Week 10: Final presentations.
Eval Week: Quarter assessment of progress and planning for Spring Quarter.

Winter Quarter Assignments
Goals Statement and Project Proposal (due Monday, week 2):
1) A statement of your quarter and year goals in SOS that includes discussion of thematic work you will do (research into other artists, history, disciplines, visual and written representations of your ideas, etc.)
2) A treatment of the project(s) you’d like to do that outlines the content, style, format, length, approach, a preliminary budget, production schedule and anticipated needs such as crew, locations, additional skills.

Work In Progress Critiques (Weeks 3-8): Ongoing. Each SOS member must present twice during the quarter.

DVD Portfolio (Due Week 10): Design a DVD that explains and reveals important aspects of your current media work, with indications of where you want to take it next.

Self-Evaluation and Eval Conference

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