Here is the URL for the reference page that Sarah Pedersen, our reference  librarian liaison has made for our program research project:

Look on the right for our program name, and click. You'll have all the resources at your fingertips!

Discourse Projects:  Attached below is your assignment for Feb. 7.

Biology Projects:  Peer Review on Thursday, February 7:

Everyone bring enough hard-copies of your document to share with all members of your group.

Field bio groups: Each team should write a single document, a draft of the Introduction to your final paper. Look at the Introductions in other empirical research, in journals like Ecology, Evolution, and Animal Behavior. Taxonomic-group specifics journals (e.g. Copeia, The Auk) tend to be much more restricted in scope, and do not provide good examples of broad, theoretically-compelling Intros. 

Literature review projects: Each individual should write both a) a detailed outline that shows the organization of and topics in your paper, as you now imagine it; and b) a  section of your paper, representing one complete, well-reasoned, fully referenced section of your paper, from anywhere in your outline (that is, it doesn't have to be from the beginning, or be the main argument, etc.) You should make it clear where this section falls in your outline, and how its arguments fit in to the paper as a whole.

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