Some Observations on Posts - From the Faculty Team

Some Observations on Postings
From the Faculty

1.) Please post by Sunday.  The faculty generally plan to come in at the first of the week and respond to student discussion topics (“posts”). If they are not there, we end up doing revisions and fussing to make sure everybody has posted.

2.) Please give a descriptive title that conveys something of what you have done or found out to each post.  Don’t just write “Week 2” or “Journal.” Use your great brains and make it interesting and useful.

From the New York Times: Amish Space Heaters

In Kristina's seminar on 2.6.09 we had an interesting side discussion on one company's space heaters, and their somewhat weird Amish advertising campaign. Students had seen it in both print and on late-night infomercials. In light of that conversation, here is an article from the New York Times, "Amish Space Heater: Is that an Oxymoron?"

Room Availability/Scheduling Meetings with Faculty

Every Tuesday and Friday there is fishbowl space available for group meetings: Tuesdays from 11-1 in Lab1 1007; Fridays from 9-12 in Lab2 3270... Faculty are available to meet at these times and others: be sure to schedule with us in advance or call ahead so you'll know that we're in our office.

Optional Reading and Seminar with the Faculty (Friday, Feb 20, 9:30am)

The faculty will seminar with each other and any interested, available students on Edward Casey's essay, "Body, Self, and Landscape," in the Lab2 third floor fishbowl (room 3270), next Friday at 9:30am. Whether you're here or not, we encourage you to read the piece if the topic appeals to you, and to comment on it in the General Discussion Forum if you're moved to. The article is posted underneath the General Discussion Forum. Here is Matt's introduction, and his take on its usefulness for our inquiry:

Research Week 1

We hope and trust that you are getting well situated and launched in your projects. The first week's postings are due anytime between this Friday and Sunday. Don't forget to follow the three-part format of Project Status Update, Journal Entry, and Journal Reflection, and to give a title to the post that conveys something of the week's experience. If you aren't yet actively engaged in fieldwork, but are focused on reading, post reflections on the reading...  A goof: The Informed Consent Form for Matt's seminar has Kristina's name as contact (sorry!).

Class Friday, February 6!

Remember, after seminar, we are having a POTLUCK at 12:00 noon, in Sem2 B1105, our regular afternoon space. Bring something yummy...For the morning seminar, remember that we will be discussing Geertz's "Deep Play" as well as Amish Society and The Devil's Playground...After the potluck, faculty will talk about approaches for the research projects, and there will be time for questions and comments about the next twelve weeks. We'll end with everyone briefly describing their project (your guiding questions and your hopes) to the class.  

Readings, Weeks 4 and 5

For those of you who are reading ahead in Amish Society for Week 5,
the required reading for seminar will be Parts 1 and 2. Parts 3 and 4 are
fascinating, too, but in light of the book's length and your need to complete
project preparations, we'll focus on the first half of the study...  For
Week 4's readings in The Moral Commonwealth, remember that we'll
examine Chs. 1, 13, and 14 (not in their entirety, but the parts specified in
the syllabus) on Tuesday, and Chs. 9, 10, and 11 (ditto) on Friday. For Tuesday

Hear David Bacon Speak on Immigration from Immigrants' Perspectives, Thurs, 1/29, 1:30-3, Sem2 B1105

David Bacon does excellent documentary and activist work. Here is the announcement from Nina Triffleman at the Labor Center:

Fieldtrip to International District

Here is the link to the website for Inter*Im, the International District's community development organization:

The handout from fall on journal writing, worth consulting again, is posted under "Handouts and Assignments."

For anyone absent from class yesterday, Friday's schedule is attached below:


Watch the Inauguration on Tuesday And Come to Class

After a while we catch on to what is happening and recognize that this isn't your average Presidential Inauguration. We even recognize that many of us would actually like to watch and hear what President Obama has to say to us.  So with that thought in mind, we want you to go to watch the inauguration and come to class after the Presdient speaks.

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