Week 3: 10/14/08

"Finding and Extracting Opinions on the Web"

Claire Cardie

3p-4:30p, Tuesday, October 14, 2008, Lecture Hall 1 

The accurate identification and interpretation of opinions is a critical step towards understanding the subjective language that comprises editorials, blogs, reviews (of products, movies, books), chat room dialogues, and even (purportedly factual) newspaper articles. This talk will explain one approach for identifying and summarizing opinions in on-line text.

The Speaker:  

Claire Cardie is a Professor in the Computer Science department at Cornell University, where she is also the Charles and Barbara Weiss Director of the university's new Information Science program. She obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University (1982) and an M.S. and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1994).  Cardie's research is in the areas of natural language processing and machine learning.  In particular, she has focused on the development of machine learning techniques for building robust and portable information extraction systems. She is a recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award, has served two elected terms as secretary of the North American chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) (2000-2003), and is currently a member of the ACL's executive committee. She has been Program Chair for the joint ACL/COLING conference in 2006, for CoNLL (Conference on Natural Language Learning) in 2000, and for the EMNLP (Empirical Methods in NLP) conference in 1997.  Cardie has served as associate/action editor for JAIR (Journal of AI Research) and JMLR (Journal of Machine Learning Research), and as an editorial board member for the Machine Learning journal and Computational Linguistics.

Associated reading: 
Chapters 11-13 and 17 from Lakoff's Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things.  (This is the Week 3 seminar reading for the Data and Information program; it is not otherwise associated with the week's PLATO lecture.)  

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