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What is an entrepreneur? Who are the entrepreneurs and why are they doing what they do? What role do they play in the economy and society in this country, positive or negative? Around the world? What can be done to create more favorable conditions for helping entrepreneurship grow and prosper in society, whether at home or abroad? What steps, if any, can be taken to encourage better entrepreneurial outcomes- ethically, morally, legally, financially? Finally, what does it take to become an entrepreneur, and are successful entrepreneurs made, or born?

This program will explore the myths and realities of entrepreneurship, guide students in exploring what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and investigate how to improve the odds of success in entrepreneurial ventures, whether for-profit or non-profit.

We will also explore existing and emerging concepts like sustainability, which has economic, environmental, social, ethical and other aspects, to see to what extent entrepreneurship can be sustainable, or more sustainable than in previous efforts.

Workshops in microeconomics, marketing and finance will build a core of conceptual tools for students during the fall quarter, including homework and assignments with a quantitative bent. Workshop topics will expand to include management, people, cash and operational issues in winter quarter.

Students who successfully complete the program will gain a solid introduction to business and management as a basis for creating their own business, as well as pursuing more advanced study in business or economics, or for acquiring jobs in the private sector, government or non-profit organizations. Students will also leave the program with an appreciation of emerging issues in the relationship between business and society.

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