Winter 2010

Winter quarter requires a choice of one of two lines of study:  visual images or writing and performance.  Students will choose the discipline they wish to focus on for their final presentation and participate in weekly critiques and skill building workshops held by faculty.  Other activities will include a weekly journal writing workshop, and a combined symposium and work-in-progress presentation.

WEDNESDAY          THURSDAY              FRIDAY


Journal Writing

Com. 110


Skill Workshops

Visual Images (Art Anx 2109) or

Writing/Performance (Com. 209)


Symposium or


Com. 11


Conferences with Faculty by Appointment



Visual Images (Art Anx 2104) or

Writing/Performance (Com. 209)

Our project in winter quarter is to continue our work on the study of lives (our own and others).  Students will choose the life and work of one person as a focus for their work and develop an annotated bibliography that will guide their research.  In addition students will design a learning and work plan for the quarter that includes weekly reading and describes personal aims for his or her own project in making either visual images or writing and performance. This  plan will be submitted to faculty by Week Two.

We encourage students to see their projects as an opportunity to respond in their own way to whatever aspect of their “Life Study” of another person inspires, influences or intrigues them.

The research that students conduct into the life of their chosen subject will provide a context and perhaps directive for the subjective information recorded in weekly journal writing sessions.  However, we are not asking that students write and/or draw a biographical document.  Rather we are providing the time, workshops, and skill building opportunities for making a creative response to the life and work of another person.