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  • 12/10/09 Here is an Evaluation Questionnaire that you need to complete and bring with you to your evaluation conference.  Remember also to bring a final draft of your self-evaluation and, if you’re leaving the program, remember to turn in a faculty evaluation by the end of Evaluation Week.
  • 12/7/09 Taiyo is having a help session this Wednesday from 1 to 3 in the regular Workshop room (Lib 1005).  You can get your Algebra homework back from him then. 
  • 12/6/09 Here is the Portfolio Checksheet, which you must use to organize your portfolio (which is due on Thursday, December 10 at 5pm).
  • 12/5/09 Remember that you can sign up for an evaluation conference on the Math Systems moodle
  • 12/5/09 My regular office hour (Monday 3-4) is canceled for Week 10, but you can talk to me at the Real Analysis session 1p-3p on Monday in Lib 1412.
  • 12/5/09 If you want to see the book list for Winter Quarter, take a look at this academic fair handout.
  • 11/30/09 Here is the take-home Set Theory Final Exam, which is due on Monday, 12/7/09 at 5pm.  Corrections:
    • You are allowed to use the program website as you work this exam, but you may not use any other online resources.
    • Problem 4 in Section I should end with, “…is the smallest transitive set containing A as a subset.”
  • 11/30/09 Here is the schedule for Week 10: 
    AMNo class!No class!No class!
    Extra Office Hours 10a-1p, near Brian's office (Sem2 C3110)
    Algebra Final 10a-12p, Lib 1412
    PMReal Analysis Question/Review Session 1p-3p, LH3

    Office Hour canceled (normally it would be 3p-4p)

    Set Theory Final due 5pm
    Real Analysis Final 1p-3p, Lib 1412Program Potluck 12:30p-3p, Lib 1412
  • 11/17/09 If you want to be on the Putnam Team for Evergreen, please write up your solution to the Putnam problem of your choice and give it to me (Brian) by noon this Friday, 11/20/09.  You can (and should) take the Putnam exam whether you’re on the team or not.
  • 11/15/09 Remember that there’s a study group today from 3pm until whenever at SIZIZIS, which is at 704 4th Ave E (about a block past Orca Books).
  • 11/5/09 Here are some Real Analysis Midterm Solutions.
  • 11/2/09 Here are some Set Theory Midterm Solutions.
  • 10/27/09 Here are some Algebra Midterm Solutions.
  • 10/22/09 Remember that there’s an Algebra exam next Tuesday afternoon (10/27/09).  Correspondingly, Brian will have office hours on Monday, 10/26/09, from 3 to 5.
  • 10/1/09 Check out the new Assignments page!  And remember that there’s no class this coming Monday morning (10/5/09).
  • 9/28/09 Here are the Seminar Groups.
  • 9/28/09 Welcome to Math Systems!

Class Schedule:

Lib 1412
Real Analysis
Lib 1412
Lib 1326
Set Theory
Lib 1412
PMSet Theory
Lib 1412

Lib 1005
Lib 1005
Real Analysis
Lib 1412

Handouts and Such: