Final presentations: It’s here. The end of the road. Time to step off the bus and tell us about what you’ve been up to. Please keep your presentation under 8 minutes so we have time for everyone.

Evaluations: There are sign ups available on Moodle now for eval conferences. These are optional if you would like to discuss your work. There are separate conferences for Amy and me, so please sign up for corresponding person that is writing your eval:

Amy – Angel/C/Heather/Glen/Amanda/Hayley/Andrew/Matt/Lisa H./Lisa J./Lucas
Stephanie – Oliver/Karen/Kell/Linda/Jordan/Cori/Celi/Rachel/Stephani/Suzy/Pat

It is required that you write an eval of both Amy and me as faculty for us to put in our portfolio. Please bring that to your conference along with your self-evaluation.

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  • Review of rough cuts
  • Student presentations: Pat, Andrew, Suzy
  • iDVD
  • Assisted Work

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  • Check-in: Quarter assignments, final projects
  • Review of animation assignment
  • Video Compression
  • Student presentations
  • Issues of ownership: copyright and the Creative Commons – Lawrence Lessig on Free Culture Part 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Intro to HTML and CSS – W3 Schools
  • Assisted Work

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In class:

  • Review iMovie assignment
  • Student presentations
  • Intro to typography
  • Photoshop Type tool
  • Animating type in Photoshop
  • Styling text for the web (if there’s time)

This week’s assignments:

  • Suggested movie: Helvetica
  • Readings:
  • Due week 8: create a short animated work using type in Photoshop. Export as a quicktime file. Post to your blog and/or to your cubby in Orca/programs
  • Photoshop video export handout

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  • Check-in

Video Editing with iMovie

  • Importing video
  • Clip editing
  • Audio and video effects
  • Transitions
  • Titles
  • Exporting to a Quicktime file and uploading to your blog

iMovie Handout

Yuri Norstein Event:

Please note that you will need to have your student id ready to pickup your ticket at the Communications building Recital Hall.

The show begins at 7:30 sharp so please be sure to be in your seat (at 7:15 please) before the show begins.  Please be respectful and do not disrupt the show by leaving early.

Assignment for Week 7

  • Create a short video using your footage you captured from last week in iMovie and post completed work in  Moodle (50MB size limit). Posting to your blog is optional (20 MB limit).  Include at least:
    • One title
    • One transition
  • Write a blog post at least a paragraph in length in response to the Yuri Norstein event including:
    • The thematic and stylistic approaches that you saw in his work including mood, texture, pacing, character development, scenery etc.
    • How did you receive these pieces?  How do you think they represent Yuri as an artist and also respond to the cultural stories/events that are featured?
    • How does his talk about being an artist and producing work translate (if at all) to your final project?

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  • Review podcast assignment from last week
  • Group check-in on individual projects – discuss project status
    • what you have created,
    • what is your next step… where you are going,
    • what has changed


  • Working with video presets

Video Palmcorder Proficiencies

Student Presentations

  • Lucas, Lisa & Lisa (from week 4)
  • Oliver, Karen, Mele

Assignment Due Week 6:

  • Gather video content, alone or with a partner, for week 6’s editing workshop. At a bare minimum you should have around 10 different shots to work with.  This footage should NOT include any dialogue, but rather demonstrate through the elements of framing, composition, texture, exposure, movement to create a portrait of a person or environment. Tripods are strongly recommended.
  • If you are planning on using video in your final project you can also use this assignment as a starting point.
  • This footage should also include any environmental sounds that you capture, and or include an external soundtrack through alternative recordings/music etc, but NO DIALOGUE.
  • When shooting while recording audio remember that you will need headphones, a headphone adapter (with Canon palmcorder), a mic, and if using XLR connector microphones a hi-lo adapter.
  • Next week we will be going on a not-so-far field trip to the Yuri Norstein Evergreen Expressions event in the Recital Hall of the Com building.

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Instructions for embedding your podcast into a blog post is located at the Computing Help Wiki.

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  • Assignment review
  • Group check-in on individual projects

Photoshop Review

  • Selections
  • Working with alpha channels and quick mask

Editing Sound with Audacity

  • Importing sound, file types
  • Intro to digital audio
  • Editing basics
  • Exporting

Introduction to podcasting

  • What is a podcast?
  • Garage Band workshop for podcasting – creating an enriched audio podcast
  • Using Photoshop to prepare images for enriched podcast

In-Class Activity:

Use interview content from previous week to create a simple podcast using Garage Band and post completed work on blog site

Assignment Due Week 5:

  • Create a enhanced podcast in Garage Band 1-3 minutes in legnth using a minimum of:

one voice track, one sound effect, and a minimum of three still images

  • Respond to TWO other classmates’ in-class podcasts via their blog sites

*Reminder:  For students that have them please bring your video cameras to for next week’s workshop.

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Research Topic Due: One page written portrait project proposal due to blog site

  • Group check-in, present your research topic to your group
  • Photoshop follow-up and review of portrait images from last week
  • WordPress follow-up and blog check-in

Student presentations:

  • Angel
  • Amanda
  • Hayley
  • Mathew

Field Recording:

In-class activity: Complete in-class recorded interview for use in class the following week. Record a classmate describing an element of their final project. Import the audio file and give a copy to your classmate and post the audio file to your network share on Orca.


Attaching audio to a post

Assignment Due Week 4:

  • In class, record an interview about an element of your project for use in next week’s podcasting workshop.
  • Outside of class collect a minimum of three images, and at least two audio recordings (interview, sound effects, music etc.) that you will use to create a podcast of your project proposal.

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Week 2 Self Portrait:

  • Check-in, follow-up from last week
  • Intro to Moodle site

Publishing on the Web

  • Why create a personal web presence? Do I exist if I don’t have a web site?
  • What is a blog?
  • Review blog examples

WordPress techniques

  • Review from last week
  • Theme-ing your blog
  • Intro to html

6:40 – student presentations

–7pm Break–

Digital Still Camera workshop:

Intro to digital imaging with Photoshop:

  • Scanning and image resolution (print, web and moving image)
  • Photoshop basics, workspace,  selections, layers, save for web
  • In class activity: create a self-portrait collage and a banner image for your blog

WordPress: Post images to blog site

Assignment Due Week 3:

  • Create a visual self portrait using a series of still images, or a single image utilizing Photoshop manipulations/collage techniques. Post completed work on blog.
  • Complete both readings for week two that include In/Sights: Self-Portrait by Women, and Narcissism: Artists Reflect Themselves

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