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It’s personal draft

Here is my rough draft for my It’s personal proposal

Etiquette Now

For this project, I am proposing a short instructional video with live action animation of a instructional chapter book of the important rules of proper etiquette that were enforced on me as a small child combined with manners that I wish someone had taught me when I got older. In this instructional video, I would like to explore western behaviors that were introduced to us as children and see where they are in today’s society in chapters. Each chapter will go over a certain protocol and certain time period that they were introduced to me, each chapter should be no longer then 5 minutes.

I will need a

  • 3 chip or a Vixia HD camera for all of my field records
  • Lowell lighting kit
  • Proficiency in the 3D animation lab
  • 3-5 member crew on selected production days
  • Time in the audio lab to record narrations
  • Cast
  • Free music to create a score

I plan to research the idea of why manners and etiquette were created and why certain ones were more important to practice than others and the personal history of all the rules that I plan to produce in my chapter book movie. I would like to interview my parents and friends on which one matter the most to them and why they continue to practice them.

As for personal assistance, I would like a casting director for all of my actors and help scheduling for my 3d animation proficiency which I believe I can do on my own but I will put this in their just in case. Also I will need assistance putting microphones on my actors since I have not mastered this skill yet.

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