Documentary 4

I was thinking about the structure of the documentary for episode four, and I thought it would be good to reflect on it a bit with you all.

The one reason I’m really excited about the 4th episode of the Laws, is because as far as the documentary segment goes, its going to be the most difficult ( to edit and shoot), yet interesting and thrilling at the same. Instead of following one artist around like the past three episodes, Donny, Robert, and I are following the production as a whole. This means interviewing Guy ( as the guy who came up with the original idea ), Ashe as a production manager, Donny, Robert, and I as documentary crew, artists, etc.

I have to admit, from the start I thought it would be an interesting idea to have followed everyone behind the scenes (for both S4R and The LAWS). Following Guy, Robert, and Elena was fun, don’t get me wrong. BUT, there is little known about the actual CREW and what we’re all doing. Space 4 Rent and The LAWS have been pretty much separated the whole Spring Quarter, and for sake of transparency, would have been the most effective way to know how we’re all putting on the show.

Editing has yet to start, since Episode 3 is just about being wrapped up, but I think this will be the documentary crew’s strongest piece. I know I’m terribly excited to start editing it, and if any of you have suggestions as far as technical aesthetics or simple structure, please let me know.

As the lead editor, this will be the last thing I’ll be work on before graduation. I want it to look good.

Ep103 Media Artist Segment Screening

Episode 103 of The Laws is almost at its completion!

Media Artists: Please be sure to put a copy of your segment in the appropriate folder on the server by Thursday, noon.

We will be meeting in the 5.1 room at 4:30PM to screen the segments of Alexis, Hammer, and Elena.

Documentary team should also be present with two cameras, one covering the featured media artist, Elena, and the other covering anything else, including b-roll.

Documentary – Following Elena


Today was the second shoot (on location) for The LAWS, Elena’s documentary. It went really well, with a lot of great footage to boot! Brian, Donald, and I (Kamaria) came together, and agreed that a simple shoot, with lots of B roll would be nice to try out for episode three.

Since each documentary reflects the artist in some form, a lot of the stuff you’ll see will be Elena talking to her crew, joking around, and maybe even a bit of the documentary crew. We think it grasps the attitude behind the short, so it’ll be fun to play around with. Also, some changes in editing (filters, bringing back the “Real World: Evergreen” text, and whatever else I think it needs. Simple enough no?

Following Guy: A Documentary


At the moment, I’m (Kamaria) working on editing Guy’s studio shoot, which I must say, had gone very smoothly and luckily, provided the documentary team with enough footage to play around with while editing. I’m doing my best to keep it short and simple, but I think this is a good step forward in achieving the casual aesthetic style that we want for documentary part of THE LAWS. When its all done, I’ll be super excited to get feedback for what I’ve done so far. I’ll be meeting with Ashe tomorrow for any final cuts, so an absolute final cut should be done by Wed. (after all that rendering and whatnot.)


Here is the final crew call for this week’s first episode’s studio shoot!  Let us know if there needs to be any changes.

04/15 Thursday (AM) Victor
D: Victor
AD:  Belinda
TD:  Loie
FD:  Gus
CAM1:  Greer
CAM2:  Alexis
CAM3:  Kamaria
VTR: Steven

04/15 Thursday (PM) Guy
D:  Guy
AD:  Alexis
TD:  Victor
FD:  Jacob
CAM1: Hammer
CAM2:  Nick
VTR:  Robert
MAKEUP:   Greer

04/16 Friday (PM) Brian+Ashe (Host*)
D/AD: Ashe/Brian
TD:  Victor
FD: Donny
AUDIO:  Kamaria
CAM1: Robert
CAM2:  Greer
VTR:  Guy

Edit Edit Edit

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Monday is officially the start of the documentary segment editing. We’re all fairly excited for it, and even though we’ve only shot footage, our minds have been cycling through various ideas for how it should be done. One idea was shooting the documentary that reflects the artist. Since we’re following Guy around, who is a fairly laid-back guy (haha), editing the skinny of him working, and his thoughts on the project inspiration as a whole, rather than being completely technical. Perhaps a little animation before each segment of him speaking? We were thinking much like in the style of hand-drawn text (AfterEffects, what what?) over the video. We’re still thinking, but here’s to hoping the end result for Episode looks good.

What are we saying? of course it will!

Title Sequence Animatic

Brian and Ashe just finished the animatic for the title sequence to hand off to Greer for soundtracking! Soon enough we’ll have the title sequence animation finished!

crackin' host

Casting Decisions… HOST

On Wednesday evening, we held auditions for the Host of our show.  It was a fun casting session inclusive of spur-of-the-moment commentary generating on pieces not previously seen (as good practice for what the host’s character will be doing).  We appreciate all who auditioned and agree that you all did a wonderful job.  However, we must cut to the chase–  our host for our first season will be:  Jacob Sunday.

Episode 01 Studio Crew Calls!

Next week, The Laws will be in-studio next Thursday (04/15) & Friday (04/16) and we need your support.

There are many positions in crew to be filled for both days.  On Thursday, there will be two productions, one in the AM (Victor), one in the PM (Guy), and on Friday, there will only be one production (Host) where shooting will take place in PM (you might need to be there in the morning a bit).

Please check the listserv to see the full crew list and sign up.  We would really, really, really appreciate it. [:

Gettin’ a move-on.

Oh lookie, we have a blog for our production.  A lot still needs to be fixed.  Ew.

However! Our lovely production schedule is up!  Upcoming meetings, updates on shoots, perspectives, and just anything that has to do with The Laws will be immortalized here.