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Appendix A: Developing Page Structure and Inter-connections

There were two ongoing ideas for the main page, the one you are seeing now and a proposed Alternative Main Page.

Week 5 class workshop on building this wiki project: workshop groups

Here is some of the ideas that were developed during this workshop:

Appendix B: Process and Results

We could optionally post our self evaluations here as refrence material for studying the results of this project.

This is more-or-less a summary / conclusions "chapter."

If this is an experiment, what are we trying to learn?

If this is a project to construct useful knowledge, how will we know if we've succeeded?

Appendix C: What's Left to do?!?!

Work on glossary / terminology – all on one page. We can (should?) leave author references in. We presently don’t have terms from Plato lectures, in-class discussions, hot topics, etc. included in the glossary.

Add links

Remove scaffolding

Accurate section headings (without scaffolding)

Standardized headings on front page (and beyond)

Anybody know about Wiki “scraping” or dumping software? Adobe Pro has a general URL dump function that probably will work for this function. Of course the data will not be able to be plugged back into a wiki in that form.

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