Spring Syllabus

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday AM: All-program meeting, 9 am-noon. Sem 2 D1105

Tuesday PM: Affinity Groups meet with faculty in Com 408 and 308
12:30-3:00 – Chupacabra and Splayce
3:00 – 5:00 – Ricky Deryl and Badaz

Wednesday AM: Affinity Groups meet with faculty
9:00-11:30 – Group X # of People
9:00 – 11:00 – South Carolina
11:00 – 1:00 pm – North Carolina

Friday: Production Day. CCAM available for productions and community service projects.

Week by Week
Week 1:
Tuesday-All program meeting at 9 am in Sem 2 D1105. In the afternoon we will work on forming affinity groups. Com 408.
Wednesday: Affinity groups all meet from 9-11 in either Com 408 or Com 308. From 11:30-1, visiting filmmaker Thom Andersen will screen his new work Get Out of the Car, followed by a talk and Q and A, in the Recital Hall, Com Building.
Friday: Optional conferences with faculty.

Week 2:
Tuesday AM:
All program meeting at 9 in Sem 2 D1105. Screening of Patricio Guzman’s Chile: Obstinate Memory
Tuesday PM: Affinity groups as scheduled.
Wednesday AM: Affinity groups as scheduled.
Friday week 2: WordPress workshop. Mac Classroom.

At Northwest Film Forum April 1-7: Patricio Guzman’s Chile


Other dates to be aware of:
Week 4: Production week.  No class.
At Northwest Film Forum: Indigenous Showcase

Week 5: Tuesday Group presentations – Ricky Deryl and Group X # of People

Week 6: Production week. No class
At Northwest Film Forum: Fact Maverick: Three Films From Lionel Rogosin

Week 7: Tuesday Group Presentations – Badaz and North Carolina
Note: Friday DVD and Compression workshops have been rescheduled to Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning!

Week 8: Tuesday Group Presentations – Chupacabra and Splayce
Tuesday 1-5 pm: Compression/DVD/Blu-Ray workshop, MML, for the Carolinas and Group X # of People.
Wednesday 9-1 pm: Compression/DVD/Blu-Ray workshop, MML, for Splayces, BADAZ, Ricky Deryl and Chupacabra.
Wednesday-Friday: Zephyr’s installation in Com 338. Performance Friday night at 7!
Monday At Northwest Film Forum: The Sublime is Now!: films by Jeanne Liotta

Week 9: Tuesday 9-noon, Sem 2 D1105– Evergreen Media Alumni Panel featuring Doug Bertran, Erica Schisler, Kat Bachart and Jana Bolotin

Week 10:
Plan on a full week of activities—Final project critiques Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Email your program notes to Michael by 5 pm.

Wednesday Evening of Evaluation Week: Nonfiction Media Public Presentation, Recital Hall, 6 pm. Nonfiction Media installations: Com 209

Occasional workshops, guest artist presentations or field trips may be scheduled, included skills workshops needed for productions

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