Admitted Students, As of 3/23/12

The following is a list of students admitted to the program as of March 23, 2012. If you are on this list, that means we have submitted a registration override and you should be able to register. Please be in touch if you have any registration issues, and/or if you decide not to take the program. We are very excited to see you all after Spring Break!


Jason A.

Craig C.

Andrew C.

Joel D.

Luke D.

Mark F.

Andrea G.

Robert H.

Chelsea H.

Laura H.

Cheyenne H.

Hope H-C

William H.

Kiyoshi K.

Martin L.

Trevor M.

Michelle M.

Katy O.

Simon P.

Marc P.

Asheem R.

Will R.

Amy R.

Charles S.

Jeffrey S.

Gabe S.

Spencer S

Benjamin T-W.

Joshua V.

Michael W.


We will continue to accept applications until the program fills. Please be sure to read the guidelines carefully.


If you’re interested in taking this program, please see the description and application instructions included on this page.

A list of students accepted into the program will be posted here by Monday March 12.