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I set up sub-pages for each animal, with the headings Mike suggests on the main page. I can't figure out how to make the info boxes look correct (I removed them for now), so if anyone else knows how to make one I'd love to learn. -Edi

Hey if any group members are checking this out and have not checked their evergreen email accounts, please do so as we have been discussing how to proceed with the project. - Dan

I edited all the pages to make "back to domestic animals" a button that shows up on the main table of contents. Acceptable? - Dan

Domestic Animals

Lilly: Rabbit, Sheep, Mouse

Dan: Cat, Horse, Pig

Steve: Goat, Cats, Cow

Lindsey: Dogs, Pigs, Horse

Farzana: Horse, Cats, Goat

Max: Pigs, Dogs, Mouse

Edi: Sheep, Rabbit, Cow

Adam: Mouse, Dogs, Sheep

Dustin: Cow, Rabbit, Goat