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Welcome to the Comparative Physiology of Vision wiki.

To learn more about using a wiki see the help files.' An example of students making wiki pages at Evergreen can be found at

You will be working collaboratively as a group to teach other students about visual perception in your category. Unique aspects of your category should be emphasized in order to compare and contrast different species. The following subtopics should be covered (unless inappropriate for your category): general anatomical differences, unique visual optics (cornea, lens, accommodation, etc), photo transduction (retinal processes), color vision, motion detection, neuronal processing, general higher order visual perception, and evolutionary significance.

Each group will work together to make the page coherent and accurate. Keep in mind that it is expected that you expand upon concepts so that a person unfamiliar with the subject can understand your explanations. For example, simply stating the following: "It has been found that birds and some other animals are tetrachromats and have the ability to see in the ultraviolet down to 300 nanometers" is not adequate. Explain what these terms mean, and the mechanisms behind the phenomenon. Simply cutting and pasting from wikipedia will not suffice.

Each group will come up with three questions about their category that they would like to test the rest of the class on. You should put them on the bottom of the page. I will choose one (with possible modifications) from each group and put it on the exam.