Environmental Policies and Programs in Seattle

n my Field study, I plan to look at ideal environmental policies for cities and actual policies and regulations that are put into place by local governments along with programs headed by environmental organizations. I plan to study the sometimes overreaching goals of environmental groups and how that relates to policy makers who don’t normally have the funding for environmental projects. I plan to look at the two extremes on the sides of government funding for environmental policies and see if there is some middle ground that has already been reached, or is feasible to reach. In addition to what the government is doing, I will be talking to different environmental groups and attending events about programs that they are undertaking themselves. The city I have chosen for this study is Seattle, Washington. This is a city which is overall very environmentally conscious as a whole, so I think it would be interesting to look at what the local government does to promote environmentally conscious programs vs. what is motivated by the local population themselves. I have been to this city before and think that my knowledge of some of the people there and they layout will help me in my study.

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