Welcome to the home for the 2012 Tech Fair summer faculty institute!  The fair will be held Wednesday September 12 in the Computer Center, which we will close down for the entire day so the whole facility can be dedicated to this event. The plan is for there to be four categories of concurrent activities from 9-4. Our plan is to offer four different types of activities that would include:

  1. One hour roundtable discussions,
  2. One hour presentations/interactive workshops,
  3. All day assisted project work with colleagues, teaching partners and staff,
  4. and help desk assistance and training if you bring your laptop.

There will be technical staff from Academic Computing, Electronic Media, Library Reference, CAL, Photo Services, Web Team and more.  We highly encourage teaching teams to come.  There are still a few seats left, so please contact Nancy Murray in the Deans area if you would like to sign up!

Please check out the schedule for more details on all the events throughout the day.